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Heresy done right :)

Mason is a heretic.
He is convinced that God loves everyone and all of them, including their sinful flesh suits.
He has also been brainwashed into thinking God isn’t omnipotent and in complete sovereign control of everything. For real! Who can look at history and not see the hand of the Almighty sovereign God of love? I’ll tell you who… Mason.
If that wasn’t enough, just wait until you hear about his, so-called, liberationist politics. Once you get rid of the Omni-God you slide down the slippery slope of socialist satanism.
Apart from that heresy warning, Mason is great. He loves Stryper, (non-Jesus) Penal, & has been known to WAP the PP.

Feb. 10, 2022 by tripp.fuller on Apple Podcasts

A People's Theology