April 2, 2021

Standing in Solidarity with Our Asian Siblings: Jackie Shao

Standing in Solidarity with Our Asian Siblings: Jackie Shao

Jackie Shao is a life coach for creative entrepreneurs and impact-driven creatives. Through coaching, she helps people fully express themselves so that they can be the creative, innovative, brilliant people they are in all aspects of their lives. In 2020, she founded a community for creatives to reimagine their work and lives through the lens of coaching called The Reimaginary. Jackie supports visionaries in moving through their challenges and having clarity to create thoughtful work and build confident, innovative brands. She also supports people in creating healthier, more meaningful lifestyles so that they can do the work they do with ease and passion. 

Most of her experience in the last decade has been working as a graphic designer, where she strategized, art directed, and designed for more than 50 brands, including The Advertising Council, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Poppin and Moët Hennessy. After experiencing burnout and navigating her way through difficult personal transitions, she built and ran Social Tea House, a program for social entrepreneurs centered around tea and conversations on pain points in life and work, in various co-working spaces. This became the blueprint for The Reimaginary. Since June 2020, Jackie has created and hosted monthly "Being Asian American" events, a gathering for Asian Americans to talk about race and bring a richer dimension to the national and global conversation on race. Jackie is a native New Yorker and is always dreaming up ways to positively impact this vibrant city.



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Being Asian American

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