Oct. 12, 2022

The Corner of Every Room - A Conversation with Kashif Andrew Graham and Blake Mundell

The Corner of Every Room - A Conversation with Kashif Andrew Graham and Blake Mundell

Today we are offered the gift of conversation with friends Kashif Andrew Graham and Blake Mundell. Their newest release, The Corner of Every Room, is a response to and for community; an indictment and an invitation. To view the lyric video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDIccdb0e4c

Kashif Andrew Graham is a freelance writer and Outreach Librarian for Religion and Theology at Vanderbilt Divinity Library. He is a frequent contributor to Nashville SceneChapter16Theological Librarianship and other literary outlets. Kashif has also appeared on C-SPANQueerology, and Nashville’s WPLN. Bridging the arts and entertainment, he can often be found introducing films and plays and hosting panel discussions. He is currently at work on a novel about an interracial gay couple living in East Tennessee.

Instagram: @kashifandrewgraham @kagwrites

Twitter: @kagwrites

TikTok: @kashifandrewgraham

Website: kashifandrewgraham.com

Blake Mundell, a Colorado native living in Nashville, makes pop music under the moniker Courier. In addition to writing and producing songs about the life experiences of those closest to him, he works as a Licensed Massage Therapist on the medical staff of the Tennessee Titans, and as an Instructor of Ethics at Mind Body Institute in Nashville. Blake's music, writing, bodywork, and activism have been featured in various media publications such as Queerology, Relevant Magazine, Massage Magazine, as well as the Washington Post and Denver Post for his work in helping craft Colorado Senate Bill 21-116, which eliminated Native mascots in the state of Colorado in 2021. Blake's upcoming album, Human Becoming, is expected to release in 2023. He spends his free time working to complete his debut fiction novel.

Instagram: @blakeamundell 

Twitter: @blakemundell

TikTok: @blakemundell

Website: http://www.therealcourier.com


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