June 16, 2022

Ryan Haupt

Ryan Haupt

My guest today is Dr. Ryan Haupt. Ryan is a scientist and podcaster on the show Science...Sort of, and a frequent guest host on the comic book podcast iFanboy. iFanboy was one of the very first podcasts I ever listened to and after a couple of random interactions on Twitter - Ryan and I were able to connect to talk back at the beginning of February. 

This conversation runs the gamut. We talk about Ryan’s experience growing up in the church in West Virginia, about discovering science in college, and the particular grief that can come from a philosophical or faith shift. We also talk about comics! One note: We had several production difficulties during this recording session because an errant setting on my computer kept forcing it to shutdown. Thankfully, Ryan had a backup of both of our tracks, and we were able to continue. My additional thanks to Liz Nordenholt of Podcat Audio for her work in editing this episode in particular. It's a longer one!

Follow Ryan on Twitter, and listen to him on Science...Sort Of and iFanboy!

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