May 26, 2022

White Too Long (re-release with new intro)

White Too Long (re-release with new intro)

Note: there is a leveling discrepancy between the intro comments and the interview, which begins around the 10:30 mark.

There's been two major shootings in the last two weeks. I try to piece together some thoughts, and combine a couple things from recent essays, in the intro to this re-released episode with Robert Jones. I guess it's best to just listen.

Essays I adapt for the intro:

Let the circle be broken.

Live Free and Die.

The interview is part of season 1 of Powers & Principalities, which is about white evangelicalism & Christian nationalism.

Interview description:

My guest is Robert Jones, founder and CEO of PRRI (The Public Religion Research Institute), and author of the recent book White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity (Amazon, Bookshop). In this discussion, we talk about how his book reveals the ways white American Christianity's history of white supremacy pervades all denominations - white evangelicals, mainline Protestants, and white Catholics. We discuss the "restricted moral vision" of white Christians, the findings of the Racism Index, and much more.


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