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Gentleperson AND a fierce person

I love Kevin. I love this podcast. I saw someone misgender them in a review, so here’s mine to clog up your feed. Kevin is no Gentleman. Honestly, Kevin isn’t merely a gentleperson. Kevin is BOTH a gentleperson AND a fierce person who is delightfully setting the world on fire (in a good way) with their Tiny Revolution. Keep it up my friend. ❤️🖤

Wonderful, light, on point

I am precisely inspired to chime in with a positive review when I heard radical right fundamentalists are hating on this insightful gentleman in a huge way. Highly recommend the podcast and the host’s wisdom, understanding, and theological perspective.

A bright spot in my week.

Kevin is a thoughtful, smart, and personable host. Great guests and great conversations.

Beautiful and Healing

Get this in your life! Kevin has been a healing force in my life for the past couple of years. Seeing and hearing them on Instagram each day has become nearly a required part of my day. Kevins gentle yet strong position on the love of the universe gives me hope. Even as an atheist I get spiritual food when I listen to Kevin speak. SOOO good fam. Hit subscribe and get to binging this podcast!


This podcast brings me life. I’m not religious, but I love Kevin and all the love that he stands for. Support this beautiful human and give it a listen.


I’m so grateful for this podcast and the revelation that there is another way, being lesbian and still believing in God is not mutually exclusive. And there’s many ways to believe. Soul healing 💜

Finding ways to process religious trauma

Kevin and this podcast have helped me reckon with the trauma and harm I experienced at the hands of the church, and allowed me the space to mourn the years lost to shame and pain as a closeted teen and young adult. Kevin has helped me see that there IS a place for me in the church (if I choose to still try to be in a church community) and that there is definitely a place for me in god’s love. This has been a revolutionary idea. I am so grateful for these conversations and for the gentle, loving place Kevin creates for former church kids like me, and I feel wholly taken care of, as they continue to demand MORE of the institutions that harmed so many of us. More accountability, more education, more recognition of the harm caused. I feel like Kevin is doing this work while I am working toward being able to - I’m not ready to yet, but I know there is a place for me, and support, whenever I am ready.


Thank you Kevin for helping this queer black woman feel safe. I just came out July 4th, 2020! Listening to your podcast and watching your YouTube channel has really helped, especially with my past history of worship leading in a mega church, white evangelical spaces. Anywho, I love you! Thank you! Blessings to you💚

Great for Ex-Evangelicals

This is a great space for ex-Evangelicals, including those who are queer and/or those who are still religious/spiritual.

Amazing podcast

I’ve been listening to this podcast for YEARS! From questioning my beliefs as a college student to coming out to figuring out what spirituality looks like for me now as an "agnostical" this podcast has been a steady source of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration. Kevin, you're doing amazing work.

Love this podcast!

Great content! Kevin Garcia is an awesome host and his podcasts are full of love and insight.

Thank you!

Love this podcast, I’ve never been a podcast person before but I love listening to this one. As a bisexual woman coming from a conservative Christian background, being able to hear words that are helping me to understand the emotions and thoughts I’ve had for years but didn’t know what to do with ...has been a life changer for me. Thank you again! From sexuality to spirituality and the combination of the two, I’m learning that many times my gut was right all along and being able to trust it is a huge thing. Thank you for being you and sharing it with the world! It has made a big difference in my life. So many things have clicked for me after listening to your podcasts plus they’re super fun to listen to!

Love this podcast!

First six minutes of newest episode has no audio just music? 😅

Authenticity right here!

I so enjoy Kevin’s podcast. He is as real as it gets and I love the different discussions on important topics. Keep them coming!

Uplifting, smart, and grounded in love

As a cradle Christian who didn’t come out until she was 27 because being queer just seemed impossible- I find everything about this podcast absolutely perfect. It’s unwaveringly supportive of queer people and does so with impeccable focus on the love and mission of Jesus. Host and guests are smart and well-versed in Scripture, theology, and tradition. Traditions focused on seem to be mainline and conservative protestant and evangelical.

Oh My García

Oh my García it’s so great I love this podcast everyone should listen to it God is a woman.


Thank you so much for this podcast. As a 40 yo lesbian who is finding my faith again this podcast has served as a shining example of how to be Queer and Christ loving!

A voice you need to hear

Kevin’s voice and unique perspective wraps so much of the familiar and the new into every interview he presents, that you get the insider q&a w/ every guest. It’s beautifully comprised and honestly said: A Tiny Revolution is renewing my faith in the true LIFE found in a podcast. Not ascribing to a dry formula or the same narrative in each episode, he goes to the essence of his guest’s beings and creates a safe space for all. I’m so impressed. Tell your friends, I know I’m telling mine.

Beautiful Perspectives

Thank you so much for such a fun and honest and important podcast! This podcast is so needed in today’s world and is a great reminder for me that I am not alone and can love God in my own personal way.

Fierce Advocate

Many different queercasts these days, this is a great one if you’re feeling a little fiery and need to be affirmed or learn in that way.

Kevin is the Future of the Church

We’re here, we’re queer, and Kevin is one of our prominent voices. If you want prophecy, sass, and quite a few laughs, PLEASE listen to this revelatory and revolutionary podcast.

Good and long

In the year of our Lord 2018 it’s hard to see a new podcaster with long form, unedited conversations when I could listen to so many other edited, shorter interviews. Although it takes me two days and 1.5 speed to get through, Kevin’s insight is great and he’ll always make you feel better about yourself. I don’t love the interview format, but I love what he and his guests share with us


Kevin is sometimes surprisingly honest and vulnerable as he takes you on his journey as an LGBTQ+ Christian. Even though life gets messy, Kevin connects with God in a way that is real — that is beyond just Kevin’s personal desire to connect. I have learned from him to pay close attention to the stories of people who are traditionally marginalized in Christian community. Just as important, through his interviews, Kevin teaches that one should not JUST listen to stories for personal entertainment but, instead, one should figure out how to use this newfound understanding to become more sensitive and affirming. The podcast is aptly named: we can be part of a Tiny Revolution every day.


Great guests and really natural conversations!

Really Authentic!

The conversations are filled with hope, joy, and authenticity. The guests have been incredible, intelligent people that light up the world in unique ways. I can’t think of a single episode that didn’t teach me something new. Plus the host has a gift of listening and speaking—plus just a really great voice.

Amazing Podcast

This podcast is so very needed and beautiful. Kevin interviews honest, interesting guests, and Kevin approaches everything with a spirit of openness. Being gay and Christian isn’t contradictory, but it often is tricky. This podcasts explores Christianity and the LGBT community in an authentic, lovely way.

One of my new favs

Love this podcast, so good in the exvangelical/progressive Christian genre- love this guy and his pod!

Thank you

Kevin, my new best friend, YOU are a rock star!!! What a beautiful, authentic, and inclusive voice you are. So necessary and relevant. Bad theology DOES kill. I lost my brother 18 years ago to Suicide. Had he known he was loved perfectly by God first and foremost- I believe he would still be with us today. Your message is healing and true grace and I am so very grateful for you. Thank you for speaking your truth so eloquently and for helping my heart to heal even now. All of my love to you, dear One! Heather

2-years and counting!

Hey Kevin, I just listened to your podcast about having only been out of the closet for 2 years. I have to say I really enjoyed how honest and heart-felt you were about everything you've experienced so far. I am a regular listener to your show and have to say that I get something out of each time I hear you speak. And don't worry about changing the whole world. Focus on helping one person at a time, and you're already doing that. I hope you're next two years are full of love, light, joy, happiness, laughter and many other blessings. Oh, and congrats on the boyfriend. I hope things work out for you two.

So blessed

I was recently outed by a close "friend" of the family. She told me that I was going to hell if I kept choosing to be a lesbian and a lot of other unloving things in the name of Jesus and felt the need to expose my "sin" to several people. It is so refreshing to hear from LGBT brothers and sisters that despite being hurt by the church they are followers of Jesus still. This podcast has been a haven in my storm.


A must listen, especially for anyone christian and lgbtq+ . Listening to Kevin is like having coffee with a friend. He is genuine, funny and honest.

A Bridge Between the LGBTQ Community and the Evangelical Church

Full disclosure: I'm a straight, male Christian in America--and I started listening to this podcast because I thought I would need it more than anyone. Turns out I was right. I think this podcast is extremely important for anyone who claims to be a Christian in America--specially if you are a conservative Christian, and especially if you are a heterosexual. Kevin brings in voices from the intersection of the LGBTQ and Christian communities--people of faith who are also people who don't conform to the sexual norms of the Evangelical world. If we really want to understand where these people are coming from, we have to listen--and this is the best place I've found to hear what they have to say. The best part of this podcast is Kevin's gracious demeanor. Despite the personal challenges of spiritual shame and emotional abuse he's encountered from other Christians, he maintains his faith and is still willing to dialogue with those on the "other side" of the issue. I am continually amazed that the LGBTQ community hasn't given up on faith entirely after everything they've experienced. This podcast gives me hope that there can be reconciliation--if only evangelicals would take the time to listen...

a Podcast (and Revolution) that Matters

There are so many amazing people I'd love to have conversations with but can't. Thankfully Kevin is doing just that. He asks the questions and tells the stories that matter, helping redefine what it means to be a Christian today. A Tiny Revolution is hands down my favorite podcast and 100% worth the listen.

Great young voice for LGBTQ concerns

Although he is quite young, Kevin Garcia has a wisdom beyond his years, a great heart for the church & LGBTQ folks, and a compassionate and interesting podcast. If you've been let down by church people, find your home and hope again here.

This series is home

For any wanderer looking for a home, network, acceptance, inspiration, or laugher, this series will quickly become a home to you.


A truly amazing Podcast! Real conversations about topics that desperately need to be spoken about. Kevin has done an amazing job of drawing the audience in with his authentic attitude and spunk. Hoping that this continues as I can see it having great weight in many people’s lives.


I've been following your blog for a minute and just recently finished your ebook. I love what you do!

Kevin is an All Star

Kevin is one of the most intelligent people I know and listening to his conversations help me in all the ways I approach my conversations every day.

Fantastic new podcast

Kevin Garcia has created a wonderful podcast, and is enthusiasm is infectious. Subscribe already!

Just what I needed

I'm a first year seminarian hoping to work with queer kids. I grew up in a conservative church that basically preached death to gays. Kevin's podcast and blog have helped me put words to what I always knew--that God loves us all, and that intersectionality is definitely a thing. Keep it up!

I wanna have Kevin's podcasts' baby!

But seriously, A Tiny Revolution is making BIG waves already! Such great content! Kevin is genuine in his faith and his compassion for mankind. LOVE IT!!


A fresh and realistic podcast that asks the hard questions about religion and spirituality. Kevin is a genuine and positive soul who's outspoken and loving nature pairs wonderfully with the causes he stands behind. Well done, sir!

Awesome show!

Kevin Garcia has created something special in A TINY REVOLUTION and I'm excited to see what he comes up with next!