Oct. 12, 2022

Blab it and Grab it with Tori Williams Douglass

Blab it and Grab it with Tori Williams Douglass

This week we talk prosperity! My guest cohost is podcaster, speaker, author and friend Tori Williams Douglass (White Homework! Go Home Bible You're Drunk!). Together we unpack the health and wealth gospel. We discuss how we were brought up in that theology, the harm it causes and how we unlearn some of the language on the other side. We also answer your questions, Adrian gets stuck talking to a pastor on an airplane and we hear stories from the bad apples.

Brought to you by Joel Houston owing us offering money and Tori's Peach (the cocktail).

Time Stamps

Bad Apples, Good Questions: 4:25

Pastor on a Plane: 21:21

Sip, Smoke, Read: 1:24:53

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