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I deeply appreciate the space Adrian has created for those of us growing and changing and possibly moving out of evangelicalism.

Healing for Past Trauma

Finding this podcast has been a joy and instrumental in healing my past church trauma and spiritual abuse. Good for anyone on a similar path forward from evangelical roots.

Favorite companion podcast for your journey

This podcast has been so important to me throughout the phases of my deconstruction journey. There is such a community around it of inclusion and growth that I love and it has given me so much comfort and companionship through a journey that can be very isolating and lonely sometimes. I think Adrian is an amazing host; I love the humility that he brings and has always said he’s figuring it out as he goes too, which is so relatable. I love the different segments that bring equal parts goofiness and depth. I’m so so happy that the show kept going because I love it so much and it’s been so meaningful to me.

Fantastic :)

Beautiful new beginning! 🌞 Here for it!

So healing for me.

I absolutely RAN when I got the notif about the latest episode. This podcast has been a pillar of my deconstruction and so, so helpful in finding solace during a very bumpy transition in my life. It’s given me words to describe my religious trauma and the effects of it and has created a space where I feel so much less alone. I’m so glad that after a necessary hiatus Adrian is back and am so excited to see what’s in store for the podcast.

Healing and hilarious

Poking at religious trauma isn’t fun, but these guys have a way of approaching it to make you laugh until you’re crying at things that would probably just make you cry if you thought about it too deeply. I love the guests they have on the show and I have grown and learned so much from listening to them. One of my favorite podcasts for sure!


Miss y’all so much

Saved my sanity and made me laugh til I cried

This podcast puts to words what I have experienced and had no words for. And Adrian and Josh have made me laugh harder than I have in years. If you are deconstructing or just saying F@!/ it to wasted years in church life this podcast will help you not feel so alone.

DRCK, Dicks, & Deconstruction

A place to laugh, cry, & cry from laughing on your deconstruction journey outside the evangelical machine. The stories, the people, & the segments have made this the best part of every other Wednesday.

Always look forward to the next episode

Wish it was weekly. I’d take shorter EPs more frequently.

Blesst to have DRCK

Thank you for creating this beautiful, tender, uplifting post-faith community space!!! I feel so fortunate to have found it. Thank you for continuing to share this labor of love!

Blessings over DRCK

These young gentlemen are wonderful. I spent years in fundamentalist communities and became an Episcopalian. It’s always refreshing and encouraging to find podcasts that share my sentiments. I feel comforted and restored by this podcast. And it can be hilarious too. Thank you Thank you Thank you

bad apple for life!!

i have been going through my own deconstruction journey for about 4 years now, and finding Josh and Adrian has been a huge asset to my growth! issues i grapple with that my friends and family don’t understand or can relate to are brought up in this podcast. there is always a point in each episode where i have the overwhelming feeling of being understood, of not being the only one experiencing this doubt, anger, confusion and new joy. also all the guests they bring on the show are super interesting, with diverse backgrounds and spiritual ideologies. thanks guys for using your platform to help others, to give a voice to people who a lot of times are feeling too shameful, lost, and confused to speak for themselves🍎


The Story telling and laughter in this podcast is like a soothing balm to so many places in my soul that still sting. I grew up in a very famous Ft Lauderdale mega church. I now live in California and have no socials. Hearing you guys talk about my old stomping grounds is so super cathartic. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard you guys mention some of my former leaders by name. Any other teen advisors out there?? Thanks for your vulnerability and authenticity. Thanks for your willingness to learn grow and heal out in the open and inviting us on this journey with you!! Sending you all so much love ❤️

This podcast matters

It matters for people like me to learn the language of deconstruction. Being able to explain what is happening while you leave your childhood faith is vital to coming out on the other side and not being cut to shreds. Thank you for the humor and the language that you’ve given us, from one bad apple to another ♥️ keep going!!

Positive Encouraging DRCK

Deconstructing your childhood faith is miserable—unless you listen to DRCK. The humor and levity they bring to the existential crisis we’re all enduring really does make me feel like it’s all gonna be okay.


Thenk yuh!! Now MUST learn Patois!!

Doing above and beyond

I came for laughs and left with motivation to make the world better, a great mood, and some new music or shows to check out.

Don’t miss an episode

One of the absolute best podcasts you can listen to

Great podcast!

Love it!

Love it!

One of my fave podcasts :)

I’m not alone!!!

I’m so thankful to both Adrian and Josh for being so open and honest as they navigate their process and their willingness to share with others. I didn’t realize the feelings and experiences I had growing up in the church were experienced by others. I’ve binged this podcast, and honestly cry at some point while listening to each one. Thank you both so much, from one survivor to another.

The Only Podcast I’ve Ever Stuck With

I’ve started and abandoned so many podcasts over the years, but I’ve stuck with this one. It’s consistently hilarious, insightful, and relatable. It keeps getting better and I look forward to all the 2022 episodes. Huge fan and felt it was worth leaving a review!

Best discovery I made this year

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a podcast that speaks so directly to my experiences in, and leaving the church. I laugh, I cry, I Google so many kinds of beer & coffee. I’m so grateful for this podcast, sometimes just to snicker like a 12 year old at the word they use a lot that rhymes with “whiz”. This was by far my favorite podcast delivery this year and I can’t wait for more episodes.

Do your own work

Cannot recommend more any single podcast episode of any show to understand decon and post-church land the Mike McHargue discussion. It is medicine. It is existential. It is a good sermon. It is everything. This show rules in general. Thanks for being awesome and honest humans!

September’s Bad 🍎

One of my favorite podcasts! Two amazing humans whose conversations literally make me LOL one moment, and reflect the next.

My people!

I am so thankful for this podcast. I grew up in church and am now deconstructing. These guys just get it. They are fun to listen to and the guests they have on are wonderful!

10/20 episode has me loling!

It’s harder to run when I’m belly laughing and clapping. “Who is the modern Egypt? The liberal left” made me give you all another 5 star rating. Thanks again for the podcast!

Normalizing Deconstruction

DRCK has helped me so much over the past year as I’ve been deconstructing and trying to figure out what to do with the 22 years that I spent growing up in the church. Josh & Adrian are funny, insightful, understanding, and have an awesome growth mindset. Their podcast has helped me form the beliefs that I have today and has taught me that it’s ok to keep changing my mind and not have all the answers. Thanks for everything you guys do!