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Miss y’all so much

Saved my sanity and made me laugh til I cried

This podcast puts to words what I have experienced and had no words for. And Adrian and Josh have made me laugh harder than I have in years. If you are deconstructing or just saying F@!/ it to wasted years in church life this podcast will help you not feel so alone.

DRCK, Dicks, & Deconstruction

A place to laugh, cry, & cry from laughing on your deconstruction journey outside the evangelical machine. The stories, the people, & the segments have made this the best part of every other Wednesday.

Always look forward to the next episode

Wish it was weekly. I’d take shorter EPs more frequently.

Blesst to have DRCK

Thank you for creating this beautiful, tender, uplifting post-faith community space!!! I feel so fortunate to have found it. Thank you for continuing to share this labor of love!

Blessings over DRCK

These young gentlemen are wonderful. I spent years in fundamentalist communities and became an Episcopalian. It’s always refreshing and encouraging to find podcasts that share my sentiments. I feel comforted and restored by this podcast. And it can be hilarious too. Thank you Thank you Thank you

bad apple for life!!

i have been going through my own deconstruction journey for about 4 years now, and finding Josh and Adrian has been a huge asset to my growth! issues i grapple with that my friends and family don’t understand or can relate to are brought up in this podcast. there is always a point in each episode where i have the overwhelming feeling of being understood, of not being the only one experiencing this doubt, anger, confusion and new joy. also all the guests they bring on the show are super interesting, with diverse backgrounds and spiritual ideologies. thanks guys for using your platform to help others, to give a voice to people who a lot of times are feeling too shameful, lost, and confused to speak for themselves🍎


The Story telling and laughter in this podcast is like a soothing balm to so many places in my soul that still sting. I grew up in a very famous Ft Lauderdale mega church. I now live in California and have no socials. Hearing you guys talk about my old stomping grounds is so super cathartic. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard you guys mention some of my former leaders by name. Any other teen advisors out there?? Thanks for your vulnerability and authenticity. Thanks for your willingness to learn grow and heal out in the open and inviting us on this journey with you!! Sending you all so much love ❤️

This podcast matters

It matters for people like me to learn the language of deconstruction. Being able to explain what is happening while you leave your childhood faith is vital to coming out on the other side and not being cut to shreds. Thank you for the humor and the language that you’ve given us, from one bad apple to another ♥️ keep going!!

Positive Encouraging DRCK

Deconstructing your childhood faith is miserable—unless you listen to DRCK. The humor and levity they bring to the existential crisis we’re all enduring really does make me feel like it’s all gonna be okay.


Thenk yuh!! Now MUST learn Patois!!

Doing above and beyond

I came for laughs and left with motivation to make the world better, a great mood, and some new music or shows to check out.

Don’t miss an episode

One of the absolute best podcasts you can listen to

Great podcast!

Love it!

Love it!

One of my fave podcasts :)

I’m not alone!!!

I’m so thankful to both Adrian and Josh for being so open and honest as they navigate their process and their willingness to share with others. I didn’t realize the feelings and experiences I had growing up in the church were experienced by others. I’ve binged this podcast, and honestly cry at some point while listening to each one. Thank you both so much, from one survivor to another.

The Only Podcast I’ve Ever Stuck With

I’ve started and abandoned so many podcasts over the years, but I’ve stuck with this one. It’s consistently hilarious, insightful, and relatable. It keeps getting better and I look forward to all the 2022 episodes. Huge fan and felt it was worth leaving a review!

Best discovery I made this year

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a podcast that speaks so directly to my experiences in, and leaving the church. I laugh, I cry, I Google so many kinds of beer & coffee. I’m so grateful for this podcast, sometimes just to snicker like a 12 year old at the word they use a lot that rhymes with “whiz”. This was by far my favorite podcast delivery this year and I can’t wait for more episodes.

Do your own work

Cannot recommend more any single podcast episode of any show to understand decon and post-church land the Mike McHargue discussion. It is medicine. It is existential. It is a good sermon. It is everything. This show rules in general. Thanks for being awesome and honest humans!

September’s Bad 🍎

One of my favorite podcasts! Two amazing humans whose conversations literally make me LOL one moment, and reflect the next.

My people!

I am so thankful for this podcast. I grew up in church and am now deconstructing. These guys just get it. They are fun to listen to and the guests they have on are wonderful!

10/20 episode has me loling!

It’s harder to run when I’m belly laughing and clapping. “Who is the modern Egypt? The liberal left” made me give you all another 5 star rating. Thanks again for the podcast!

Normalizing Deconstruction

DRCK has helped me so much over the past year as I’ve been deconstructing and trying to figure out what to do with the 22 years that I spent growing up in the church. Josh & Adrian are funny, insightful, understanding, and have an awesome growth mindset. Their podcast has helped me form the beliefs that I have today and has taught me that it’s ok to keep changing my mind and not have all the answers. Thanks for everything you guys do!

Safe space

My 5 children and I have gone through a process of stepping away from the “ church”. They each have their own faith journey they are on. DRCK has literally saved me from crying most days because of the loss of friends and community that was soooo unhealthy and full of spiritual abuse. Thank you guys for showing me how to laugh again, remove a ton of guilt for being human , and thoroughly enjoying conversations where they speak everything I have ever thought. Never miss an episode!

DRCK is my new BFF?

Just two goofballs talkin’ mess, with all the taboo, scary, beautiful conversations—held with such intentionality and grit—in the in between. This podcast is addicting, and if you’re like me, you’ll quickly convince yourself that Josh and Adrian are your new best friends and that your sitting along with them in their sweaty garage, diving into all the questions you weren’t allowed to touch in Sunday school, youth group, or “big” church. 10/10 in love.

Finally: A community of like minded people

I’ve been deconstructing alone since 2007 when a lot of the evangelical ideas of my childhood stopped making less sense to me. I thought I was alone with my ideas until I found this podcast which have allowed me to be a part of a community of like minded people. It has been incredible.

Five stars!!!

DRCK is dope! I listened to a lot of podcasts while I was deconstructing because for the most part, I was alone in my space. Listening helped me not feel lonely alone. I stopped listening to several of the podcasts as I continued to journey, but DRCK is still awesome and I listen to them and The Life After all the time. I love the variety and diversity of the guests; they’re all amazing to hear from! Thanks for everything gents; you make Wednesday even better!

Always a refreshing listen.

After my long deconstruction, I tried to hold onto certain teachings and I told myself I never wanted to stop learning. I took to books I was always told not to read, and heavy podcasts that dove deep in the Bible while exploring deconstruction. I just got bored and couldn’t do it anymore - it felt like I was trying to find something that isn’t necessarily important to find. This podcast is so refreshing - I can just sit and laugh with people who sound like all my fellow deconstructed friends and rest in the fact that it’s all going to be OK.

Great podcast!

This podcast is excellent. The topics are thought provoking, the hosts are so funny, and these episodes listen easy. I look forward to new DRCK episodes every other week!


love this podcast. i grew up a pastor’s kid and was kinda born into being a christian. my dad retired last year, so a lot of the expectation pressure is off and i’ve been able to comfortably start to deconstruct. listening to this podcast has helped so freaking much. definitely makes me feel less alone, more understood.

2-5 hour podcast would be great 🙃

I look forward to the episodes every time they show up on my feed (I always forget what week is what) and it makes my day when they pop up. Thank you guys. You could make 3, 4, 5 hour podcasts and I’d be thrilled.

Number 1

This podcast!! The combo of laughing at shared religious experiences and deep diving into those same experiences is EVERYTHING!! I have been listening to it exclusively since I was told about it a week ago. It’s as if I had actual friends to talk thru all this stuff with. Listen now!

Laughter heals

I’m finding so much healing in the shared laughter of traumatic church experiences. This podcast is everything!

My best friends I never met

I always look forward to this podcast. Josh and Adrian are hilarious, thoughtful, and genuine. Hearing their perspectives and stories makes me feel seen and I will never stop being excited when a new episode comes out!


This is the podcast I didn’t know I needed. I could try and explain but you have to experience it for yourself. Just go listen.

Thank you for this pod!

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few months now, and it makes me feel seen. I’ve been struggling with my faith and feeling connected to the church, this has helped me understand my own feelings and navigate my own beliefs. It’s scary to put this kind of stuff out, i think, but i appreciate Josh, Adrian and all the guests.

Comforting and highly relatable

Thanks guys for being so honest and not too stuck to a script. Really appreciate you and the guests!

I laugh out loud each episode

But too much use of the work ‘like’.

Listened while washing the dishes and couldn’t skip ahead.

The first 15 minutes of this show will be the worst hour of your week. Not since the Charmin Sh*tting bears have I heard a worse ad for a product then these guys saying “join our Patreon and get more of this!” referring to their first 15 minutes of their show. Once you get past the insistently forced “funny” parts, their show has good content. Just make sure you have dry enough fingers to push the skip ahead 30 seconds button 30 times.

i love these guys!!!!

this podcast 😭😭😭😭 it’s so so so funny and heals parts of myself i didn’t even know had been hurt by the church. this is the most bingeable podcast ever i think i listened to seven episodes in a row at work the other day lol

I will call upon their name…

…when it comes to some familiarity. This podcast just feels right. Cynical, sarcastic, through the lens of some Dudes raised Christian, gone Beavis n Butt Head. I can’t get enough of it! Jesus is my savior, and DRCK is my filler.

secret. mullet.

dare I say more


You’ll laugh. You might cry. You’ll think. And then you’ll laugh again. A lot.

Must listen

Love these guys

Love this podcast!

If you are looking for an environment in which you can explore your faith, in a healthy environment that won’t judge you, this is it. As someone who grew up in the Christian faith and even went to bible college, this podcast really helped me understand deconstruction and what that looks like.

Wish I could be friends with Josh and Adrian

I've laughed, I've cried, I've learned a ton. I feel a little less alone when I'm having a bad "deconstruction" day. Yall rock ✌🏼️✌🏼️

This. Is. Everything.

Warning: Do not try to listen to this podcast while running. You might almost trip and fall while laughing so hard. I absolutely love this podcast. Josh and Adrian articulate everything I’ve felt in the last 10 years and let me know I’m not alone. Also, they’re hilarious and feels like I’m hanging out with friends.

The Perfect Podcast for a Former / Questioning Christian

I grew up in church and spent most Sundays on the stage playing in the worship band. If the doors were open, I was there. I began to question my faith in my early 20s and left the church in my mid to late 20s. Fast forward a few years and I’m a mid 30s agnostic trying to process the role church had in my life. Listening to DRCK has helped me process some religious trauma I’ve experienced. There are things that happened that still effect me that I didn’t even realize until hearing the DRCK guys talk about it. This has been entertaining while also being therapeutic. I’m so thankful I found this podcast.

So needed

I sent this to my therapists to share as much as possible.


They are hilarious. 10/10

So good

It’s everything I didn’t know I needed.

The Bevis and Butthead of deconstructed Christianity.

A show that makes you laugh even when you want to screen.

Gotta charge my headphones...

Because every single episode, my kids always ask why I’m laughing so hard. And of course, I can’t usually tell them exactly why... I can’t ruin Buzz Lightyear for them like he’s been ruined for me. 🤣 But seriously, this community has been one of the best things to happen to me in the past year. Equal parts heavy and light, and I truly appreciate both aspects.

I look forward to every episode!

I found DRCK through their episode with God is Grey on toxic masculinity. I’m still a part of the church and call myself a Christian, but I’ve been deeply concerned about the state of the Church for a while now and it’s easy for me to lose hope. I’m so grateful that Josh and Adrian are creating space for important conversations about the hurt the Church has caused & continues to cause, and I appreciate that they offer so many different perspectives from their listeners and guests.

First Time I’ve Felt Seen

I stumbled upon this podcast when I first realized I was deconstructing, unaware that I had been deconstructing for months at this point. This podcast gave me a name for what I was going through mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The things they talk about are things I’ve thought for years. I’ve never felt so seen by two people I’ve never laid eyes on. That goes to show how real/connected this community is, no matter our experiences.

Must listen!

As someone formerly very involved in the church but steering away from it, I find this podcast comforting, knowing I am not alone in my struggles of leaving a huge part of my life.

Equal parts heavy & light

Love this podcast so much! I forget that it’s a podcast because Josh & Adrian make you feel like you’re in the room with them. I’ve simultaneously laughed and cried at the same time. New episode days are my favorite day of the week!

The Best

I love DRCK so much, as well as all the other dirty apples out there in the world, so much that I actually created an apple account and downloaded iTunes just so I would be able to leave a review to support and promote how wonderful this pod his. In the wise words of Jack Black in Nacho Libre, this podcast can only be described as "The Best".

One of my faves!

Come for the content, stay for the laughs. Hashtag Brown Boy Summer. Seriously though, one of the best deconstruction podcasts!

From an Ex-Minister

So I have to come clean….I was in the ministry for 30 years. I’ve been out for two now. This podcast basically says what I’m still mostly afraid to admit…’s ok to be free. We can say NO!!! We get to decide!!!! It is going to take some years (and therapy) to get over all of the nonsense and bull-crappery but Josh and Adrian are there to hold our hands during the scary parts!

Someone like me!

I really enjoy this podcast. I typically listen to sports or comedy shows, but this one is outstanding. It is nice to hear from guys that share a similar experience to mine.

I love this podcast!

Josh and Adrian are always so funny and they do a great job of keeping things light while acknowledging the heaviness of some of the subjects. This podcast has really helped me feel less alone in the deconstruction process!

Genuinely so helpful

I have been deconstructing so slowly over the course of about 6 years now, but quarantine caused me to SUPER dive in and face a lot of things and this podcast has inspired me so much to open up about my own journey and where I am at as an exvangelical.

Those humans say a lot of really really bad words. 5 stars.

-My 4yo. It’s been binge worthy and lovely and conversation starting. Cant wait to keep listening.

That’s some good chit

I’m in a strange place and asking questions about what, for my entire life, I’ve called my Faith. This podcast has given me a safe place to think deeply about everything and ask questions that others aren’t willing and/or able to answer. I’m so grateful for this space!

Huge breath of relief

Been spinning for a couple years deep within a fundamental church and family. I started asking a questions and naturally they compounded exponentially. I’m grateful I found DRCK when I did. Amidst a season of change, turbulence, and massive cognitive dissonance, they provided laughter and lightbulb moments and a name for my processing. Truly a huge breath of relief.

Rotten and relatable

This is my first “deconstruction” podcast, and I’ve tried getting into the others, but nothing compares to DRCK. Hilarious, insightful and rotten all at the same time. I’m sure it comes from them josh and Adrian bring best friends for so long.

Give this bish a listen!!!!

This podcast has been incredibly healing for me during my deconstruction of faith. Adrian & Josh, idk where I would be without y’all. Love you guys!

Hilarious and Healing

IYKYK. Thank you guys.. so much!

Dirty Rotten? More like immaculate and good.

This is a great podcast. I enjoy hearing two friends (Adrien and Josh) have honest conversations about their doubts, their feelings, and how they handle life post evangelicalism. It’s hilarious. It’s deep. It’s thought provoking. Keep up the good work! Oh and Lil Fishies hooks are sick.

Great for my runs!

I started listening to them based on a friend’s recommendation and have grown to really love it! Their humor is delightful and keeps me going on my runs. But they’re also introspective and intentional about their language and try to be inclusive. Love love love it. Thank you guys!

Incredibly Validating

As a former evangelical church kid turned Bible college graduate who is finally ready to begin deconstructing my upbringing and the beliefs and memories I’ve repressed, I cannot say enough about Adrian and Josh and their podcast. I have never felt more seen and understood by two strangers, and they help put words to the emotions I’ve been trying to understand towards my spirituality. They tackle the big questions, important topics, and do it all with the perfect balance of humor and grace. Highly recommend to anybody who grew up evangelical and is trying to navigate the other side.

Bad Apples

A few weeks ago, I ran across DRCK on Instagram some how, started listening and haven’t stopped. The podcast is for anyone, but I can especially recommend it for ex-church kids. So good!! Thank you Josh and Adrian for putting his out there. It’s very helpful to hear other people walking similar paths!

Love you guys!!!

You’re helping me through my ....**buzz word!!** DECONSTRUCTION process! Thank you!


I often have to leave this pod in my feed for a minute because I have to be in the right headspace to hear some realness. I’ll always catch up, though. These guys have done SO MUCH to help me come to terms with things that I’ve been afraid to confront for a long time. THANK YOU!

One of my favorite podcasts

Not only are they hilarious but they also bring up very valid critique of American church culture and beliefs. They do a great job of making 2 and a half hour podcasts feel like 1 hour (this isn’t sarcasm or passive aggression lol). I’m super thankful for what they do.

Sad Boyz for Questioning Christians

DRCK is the perfect podcast for people trying to sort through/deconstruct their faith, but who also want to be able to laugh (and even enjoy) the process. Josh and Adrian, the hosts, are funny and insightful (and sometimes irreverent, maybe even heretical, but constantly listening and reflecting and allowing their views to change), the guests are engaging, and the jingles and theme songs are *chef's kiss.* I also appreciate how well-read and well-listened the hosts are; they’re constantly researching relevant topics and pulling together ideas and quotes from other people and podcasts in natural ways, which adds to their own credibility and perspective. Around episode ten, they also begin inviting listeners to submit short audio segments discussing a given episode’s theme, to welcome additional voices to the conversation. If you're a fan of the Sad Boyz pod but want something that addresses religion but still has a similar serious-comic blend of tones, then the Dirty Rotten Church Kids is for you.

Rejuvenates My Weary Soul

For a long time I have felt like the evangelical churches I grew up in were all wearing on the spirit, which didn’t stop after I left. I was shamed for how curvy my body is, indoctrinated by being told the only interpretation of the Bible was literal and in line with creationist, which was a form of gaslighting because now I feel like I second guess myself on everything after being properly informed on many different subjects. It’s been freeing to hear people who’ve had similar experiences with toxic theology and have deconstructed their upbringing. I still might not be able to talk to my family about this so having a community that I feel recognized in and can share with my friends has been a HUGE help to me. I’m becoming my most authentic self and the bad apples have greatly played a part in that.

Deeply Gratifying

I just love how angry they get - I relate to the feelings they express in a deep way and it's always so comforting to know that there are other people as stunned and mad at church things and people as I am. But they are also angry in like, a funny and comforting way, not a scary way. Glorious.

The most validating, encouraging, liberating podcast!

I love this podcast and have experienced so much freedom from my own guilt, shame, and self judgment related to growing up as a church kid through listening. If you have grown up in the church and are curious/doubting/exploring other ideas, lifestyles, and experiences of spirituality this is the pod for you!! Thanks guys and please keep doing what you’re doing!!


DRCK has become my favorite podcast. Josh and Adrian are genuine, vulnerable, insightful, and delightfully irreverent. I have cried from laughing so hard, yet they also effectively cover deep, heavy subjects related to American white evangelicalism. Leaving that world behind after fifty-some years has been scary, confusing, and lonely. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I found this podcast to keep me company on this journey. Excelsior!

Not alone!

It’s so good to know that I’m not alone in what I’ve experienced in the evangelical world.

Amazing podcast

This podcast is raw, emotional, and incredibly helpful for those deconstructing. The hosts keep it light while discussing very serious topics. Would definitely recommend to a friend - especially one leaving the evangelical bubble.


This podcast is such a comfort to me. I’m thankful to live in this time when these ideas are being shared and I don’t feel like I’m so alone. They discuss things that definitely need to be discussed. What a relief.

Fav podcast of all time

I have listed to a LOT of podcasts and DRCK is by far my favorite. Josh and Adrian are not only hilarious, but their sincerity and willingness to grow and learn is amazing. They are setting a great example to their kids about how to be open minded to perspectives that stand in stark contrast to their evangelical upbringings while also not being afraid to speak out and hold accountable those that are causing harm in the world. They keep it real always and they are just so fun to listen to. Keep it coming bad apples!

I needed this

I’ve only listened to 2 episodes so far but they were both so good! I now don’t feel so alone in my deconstruction. I love how they use humor to make the process so joyful and not awful.

The only talk show in my life

I am a story addict and can’t stand the news/other factual podcasts. …. except for DRCK! Thanks guys!!


Thank you Dirty Rotten Church Kids for bringing humor, intelligence and humanity to the discussion of deconstruction. As a former life long church volunteer, and volunteer worship leader, navigating this terrain can be isolating and overwhelming. You help foster a community that so many of us need. And you’ve seen how the sausage is made and make the best fun of it!! Your content is amazingly sacri-licious. Mmmm....

A truly safe space

I love DRCK. Through my deconstruction/faith evolution, Josh and Adrian have helped give me language for some things I have or am experiencing. This community is so beautiful. They balance keeping things casual while discussing some really difficult realities about the evangelical experience. I highly recommend this podcast

I could listen forever

I’ve never felt so seen/validated in my feelings in my whole life. I binged through the episodes so these guys feel like my best friends and they have no idea who I am 😂 These episodes have me going from laughing out loud hysterically, to bawling my eyes out at some heavy realizations they brought to surface, to getting so excited that there’s other people in the world that have been through what I have and landed in a similar place. Thank you guys, what you’re doing is important.

Helps me feel less alone in my deconstruction

Finding this podcast during quarantine of 2020 was an amazing gift at the beginning of my deconstruction. I felt much less alone, and was thankful to have someone help me find the words to express some of what I was thinking and feeling. You guys are the best!

Brave Conversations on Suppressed & Taboo Church Feelings

This podcast has been so helpful to put into words what I’ve been feeling for years. It helps to know that I’m not the only one processing traumatic church experiences, but it’s also sad to know that I’m not the only one processing traumatic church experiences.

Finally a real podcast

I love that this podcast gives me permission to question. I don’t need the permission from them, but really questioning anything about faith in my home or church was shameful. There’s non-negotiables I have that I looked past in the Christian church/community to keep everyone around me comfortable and probably to keep myself comfortable/at peace. Deconstructing has been the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through and also the most rewarding. I couldn’t name some traumas I’ve experienced until listening to this podcast so thank you.

Still processing

This was an incredible episode. I think all their epidsodes are really, but this is one that is definitely harder to process than others. There were so many times I just paused so I could just say aloud what I was thinking/get it out. Thankful to have found you all on the journey in life I am on.

Stumbling Gracefully Through Deconstruction

This is real talk from two guys stumbling gracefully through deconstruction with the rest of us. They don’t make themselves out to be experts or examples to follow that churchy way *none* of us miss. Don’t be fooled by the length of the podcasts - it’s a real conversation unfolding between two bffs. Also, credit to their artistic/creative skills. As a fellow artist and former church musician I can’t get enough of their music and music humor.

One of My Favorite Podcats

This is the podcast I look forward to new episodes the most. Josh and Adrian have created a safe space for those of us that are deconstructing from Christianity and need an outlet and a place to go to knew we’re not alone. This podcast is both hilarious and so so enlightening. I crack up laughing at some segments and walk away weeping at what some of their guests have to say. So so many good perspectives. If you’re looking for a good podcast while deconstructing or having doubts about Christianity, this is a big warm hug. Plus, they post the best memes on Instagram.

Finally finding the words for the dysfunction that was the reformed church

I found these guys after seeing their purity culture episode and listen to every single one now. They are able to put into words what I am just now able to recognize as the dysfunctional teachings of the evangelical church.

It’s a balm to my deconstructed soul

This podcast came at a time I needed it most and took the white evangelical upbringing imprinted on my brain and put it into a podcast to analyze and critique. They say things that I’ve been feeling and thinking for a long time but put it all together in a humorous and honest way.


You ruined podcasts for me because this was the first one I listened to and nothing else even compares.


Ugh, I love these guys! So much fun and so real. Cathartic, funny, and healing. I can’t get enough.


This podcast is incredible. I left the Christian church about a year ago after spending my childhood there then transitioning to church staff in adulthood. I felt like a crazy person trying to sort out all of the conflict going on within and around me. This podcast makes me feel SEEN and I wish I had found it sooner. Cheers to our collective healing and occasional Veggie Tales reference 🍻


I grew up in what I call a cult/cult adjacent extremely conservative Christian church. As a queer woman the damage done to my identity and self worth is huge. This podcast is such a breath of fresh air and encouragement. The balance of heavy and humor is perfect. Josh and Adrian make me feel like we’re hanging out with them and their guests. Also the guests have been absolutely incredible. Absolutely worth the listen if you have any background in the evangelical community! 💖🏳️‍🌈💖

Can’t Get Enough

I love Josh and Adrian’s ability to be simultaneously hilarious and insightful. They dig into some of the most important topics but do so in a way that makes you feel like you’re hanging out with a good friend who has your back. Regardless of where you are at in your journey of deconstruction, I think most of us exvangelicals can relate to a lot of their content—and if not, there is a lot to be learned here. These two are more than qualified. Thanks you guys for taking the time out of your lives to create this podcast and help us wanderers feel less alone.

Good perspectives

My enneagram is 8 and I’m a woman. No wonder I got kicked out 😂 Love this podcast Very validating and encouraging

They grow on you

I really didn’t like them at first, but because I hate being alone with my thoughts, I kept listening. Now I love them and how they have embraced their truths on the other side of repression.

Just what my life needed

So good to listen to people who I can relate to when it comes to this stuff. It’s healing. 💛

Love it

This podcast has been my place of community. That may sound silly but when you’ve been a Christian your entire life then decide to step back and ask questions, you feel a lot of loss and confusion. You feel like there’s no one around you who’s going through what you’re going through. So many of the episodes I can relate directly with. These guys are so real in what share and they have me laughing almost every episode. Please keep making episodes :)


For those of you who need a friend or two to walk you through the shadows of your evangelical experience - whether as a church kid, parent, youth pastor or other - Adrian and Josh do a great job of just saying what we’ve all been feeling for so long - not just to rip on it, but to break it down and unpack it in a way that is healthy and honoring to the things that were actually worthwhile from our sordid pasts. :) So grateful for voices that are actively breaking into the conversations we all need or want during our ever-evolving faith journey.

Grooming young wife episode

First off, thanks for this podcast. It has given me so much to think about. Second, the grooming your young Christian wife episode - especially the part about making sure she is 25 or younger - reminded me of how adult humans’ part of the brain that establishes a sense of self continues to develop until about 25-27. So, essentially, the person you referenced is urging men to shape their wives’ sense of sense around their own preference before the wives can establish their own.

My favorite

Seriously so so so good. Just give it a listen. It’s HILARIOUS and healing and helpful and the guests are all so wise and kind. And if you can, join the Patreon because the discord is A1

Binge Mode: On

Genuine, funny and very interesting. Good listen for anyone with an open heart/mind.


For the post-church kids, this is necessary. A good balance of depth and humor we need. Also, there’s so many “me too”s, and “I’m not alone”s, these guys are really great. If you’re looking for a podcast that’s embracive of doubts and searching, as well as therapeutic rants of crazy church culture, this is it.

Much needed

For years now I haven’t really felt heard or seen or like I belonged or was understood - too liberal for my Christian circle I grew up in, too conservative for new friends I tried to find outside of the church. This podcast is the first thing I’ve found that has made me realize I’m truly not alone, and not wrong for thinking and believing that way I do. From the bottom of my rotten apple heart, thank you for this.

A must listen

I recommend this podcast to all my friends who are navigating life after distancing from the church/christianity. So helpful, honest, and funny!

Feels Like They Make This For Me

I stumbled over DRCK a few months ago and rapidly consumed all the episodes. I feel like they made this podcast just for me. The way they talk makes you feel like you’ve known them forever. It’s exactly what I’ve needed to process what I’ve been through and where I’m going. And it’s provided me with a lot of resources to continue to process and grow.


I found these guys at the very beginning of my deconstruction. I loved hearing people talking about these deep and important things surrounding faith and the trauma we’ve gotten in one way or another from the church. It made me feel less alone. Their humor helps a lot too. I look forward to every episode that comes out. They’re doing amazing work. ❤️

This podcast is the EXvangelical fan club!

Love the podcast! The guys make me laugh and talk about deep things that matter but in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. I love that the guys often quote Richard Rohr and others such as Pete and Jarred from the Bible for Normal People podcast. Great show! Can’t wait for more episodes :)

A new staple in my rotation!

The DRCK fellas have quickly become one of my most anticipated shows in my podcast rotation. Not only are they genuinely delightful they’ve also been interviewing some of my absolute favorite people! Hit subscribe, get listening and don’t forget to give them a follow on Instagram for daily goodness in your IG feed!

Long, heavy, but valuable

Sometimes I just don’t have time to digest a whole episode cause it’s so heavy. I skip around quite a bit but still get lots of jewels of wisdom from drck

I needed this

I wish this podcast was around when I was deconstructing but it sure is wonderful to hear them talking about so many important issues that deeply bothered me growing up.


DRCK has been such a relief for me. It feels like I’m sitting in the same room or backyard patio talking about life after evangelism with Josh and Adrian. Topics I never thought I’d hear out loud with the right crowd are addressed. It’s certainly helped my “deconstruction” that has been happening for years now.


This podcast is the best. The guys create a sense of belonging I’ve been looking for for years. I’m seen, I’m not alone, I’m not “bad”. There is room for questions and exploration in faith and I’m here for it!

Processing vocally

Love love love these guys! Their conversations help me to flush out a lot of my own struggles with my faith. It brings a lightheartedness to the process of losing and regaining God in our faith journeys that is much needed when there is so much heaviness in the world. Thank you guys and to all your guests who bring a much needed lifts to my heavy spirit!

Deconstructors 🙋🏻‍♀️, look no further ❤️

These guys have me cackling out loud regularly. They’re vulnerable, relatable, hilarious, and honest about their limitations (not know-it-alls). I recommend to anyone who has been disillusioned by the alleged “goodness” of fundamentalism/ evangelicalism in the U.S. Plus they invite deconstructors to laugh about our collective cringey pasts.

Hilarious and healing

*soft acoustics guitar plays* Listening to DRCK has been one of the best things. I find myself nodding along, laughing and maybe crying a little to. A great podcast if you are on the journey to deconstructing your Christian faith. They bring on different speakers that provide hope and resources. 10/10 would recommend! Can I get an AMEN? With every head bowed and every eye closed...


This podcast. Wow. I’m super grateful for this on a multitude of levels. I’ve been in a place for a couple years now where I can’t come to terms with aspects of my religious upbringing yet don’t completely want to unplug from my spiritual beliefs. There’s been too much I don’t agree with when it comes to the indoctrination and behaviors of the church... and I’ve seen it all. Every episode of this podcasts grants me another token of confidence in where I stand. The sense of camaraderie and validation of others relating with those feelings is like a giant exhale. Thanks, guys!


Grew up in the evangelical church and Christian bubble. These podcasts are everything I need for my deconstruction. The amount of shame I didn’t even know I had until I found these guys is truly eye opening.

Sending the link to all my friends

A straightforward and heartwarming new look at what a life of following Jesus can look like. Also Imani, if you are reading this, let’s be friends.

Niche but legit

I have found MY PEOPLE!!! Praise be! If you grew up in the church (like me) or worked for a church (like me), get the effects of purity culture (like me), struggled with the image of God being all wrath, smite and anger (like me), found yourself questioning how “God’s people” became synonymous with the Republican Party, Donald Trump, LGBTQ-hating, fetus(only) saving (like me) and have been really questioning and deconstructing your faith, you have probably found your people too! Give them a listen. They are heartfelt and funny and will make you feel so less alone in this world!

Lifted Weight

So amazing and comforting since this process is incredibly lonely, sometimes I re-listen to old episodes just to have a few voices that have become a reminder that I’m not alone! Very thankful for a space I’m able to breathe, feel validated in my trauma, and giggle (v important to giggle).

Bwahahahahaha and OMG combined!

Lifelong churchianity member, began to wake up in 2003. Found The God Journey and it rocketed me forward. Found DRCK today and it’s like Jesus finally heard my prayers to find people like me who are on the same journey.

So good

When listening I feel as if I am on a roller coaster of emotions similar to what happens when watching queer eye. The vocalization of what I’ve been struggling internally with the church and the institution of religion has allowed me the freedom to address where I stand with God. Some moments bring tears to my eyes while others make me laugh out loud. I highly recommend.


I’m a new listener and as a lifetime church kid and someone recently going through faith deconstruction, this podcast has really helped put some words to my thoughts and feelings. It’s great to feel that I’m going through this with likeminded people and that it isn’t scary and I’m not alone 💕

Hilarious, and heartbreakingly real.

These two are putting into words all the things I’ve felt about the church for years but haven’t been able to describe. Thank you for this little corner of podcast heaven.


This podcast—no idea how I stumbled upon it. Divine intervention? The universe knew what I needed? I am a witch, maybe?! (Kidding, mostly). These two goofballs and their thoughtful internet place, how can I encapsulate what this podcast means? Their love and intentionality in providing a safe space for those of us who feel left alone in liminal space is unparalleled. While we feel confused and mad and sad, while we work tirelessly (or lazily) to untangle the messages that hurt us, the rules we obeyed that damaged us, and the lies we believed about ourselves and the Divine— this podcast is a haven. I am so thankful that whatever or whomever brought this podcast into my life at literally the exact right time. It is invaluable to be validated like this. Josh, Adrian and the absolutely stellar guests they have on give me hope and heart in what feels like such a hard time to be a human. Bad apples forever.

Fresh Air For Exvangelical Ex-Worship-Leaders

Thanks to these guys for making a space for so many church boys and girls and non-binary folks who bravely left a world that puts an insufferable amount of asterisks on the term “unconditional love”.


I think I found my tribe. I’ve been going through some changes in the last few years and have felt very alone in that process. There’s not enough room on this review to say everything I’m feeling but I can at least say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Recovering pastor’s kid here

This podcast is basically therapy for the trauma and abuse I experienced as a pastor’s kid in the evangelical church in America. Im grateful for the humor and the laughs. Its so healing in my process of deconstruction. I have found a “family” outside church through instagram and other “bad apples” that the hosts like to call their followers and its “such a blessing” 🤣😂🤣


I honestly was feeling very lost and alone in my feelings about the church at large and Christianity in general, and struggled to find a community that had the same feelings and questions I had about growing up in church. I stumbled upon The Dirty Rotten Church Kids just a month or two after they began, and immediately resonated with everything they were saying! Finally! Someone being honest about who and what the Church™️ is underneath the shiny exterior. Between the jokes and discussing the real trauma that evangelical Christianity inflicts, Adrian and Josh and their guests have me both laughing and crying during nearly every episode. I’m listening to this podcast, and joining their listener community, I’m finding a lot of peace, discovering questions I never thought to ask, and engaging in real conversations I never thought I would get to have.

best podcast!

i’m not a podcast listener usually...but this is definitely an exception. i have never felt so heard and seen regarding the BS that i put up with for so many years because of evangelical christianity!


I love these guys!! Josh + Adrian’s awesome conversations lead to conversations between me + my fellow deconstructionists. I have moments where I think, “YES! You experienced that, too! I’m not alone! Also, Evangelical Christianity be weird.”


This podcast is refreshing for me! So good to hear that more people struggle with the same thing I do when it comes to Church. I know they have helped me rethink and helped my speak up more to help others going through the same thing.

Freshest Podcast

I can’t tell you what it means to hear men speak up and out against the injustices that are approved and promoted in church. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Thank you for such raw honesty.

We need more!

Just quit your jobs and do this full time already! ;) DRCK is one of my favorite podcasts. The episodes never fail to make me cry one minute and laugh the next. If you’re looking for comradery on the road of deconstruction of Christianity, then this is the podcast for you!

Just What I Need to Hear!

This podcast is so relatable on so many levels for anymore feeling the trauma and abuse from church life. As someone who has been deconstructing for 2 years, i finally feel like I found people who understand my feelings and it’s nice to hear them call out the crap that so many have been afraid to say. And you get to laugh too!

Totally relatable and Mildly triggering

Hi guys, It’s been 6 years and 3 months since my spouse and I left church and 8 years since we a youth ministry that we were involved in and pastored for the first 13 years of our marriage. Still deconstructing! Will it ever end? Who knows. You guys are a relatable breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing your stories. Love your IG. Sarah Tacoma, WA

Best of Relatability and Hilarity

Listening to this podcast is like sitting in my dining room with the best of friends and cutting up while having conversation. It’s so effortless yet intentional. Highly recommend.

Funny and Thoughtful

Not only are they funny and snarky, it’s just relatable content that is thought provoking. Great guests too!

This is church

Thank you for your obedience to the lord in creating this podcast for us believers all over the world. God is really using you to stir my spirit up into a holy revolution, it’s as if the 2nd coming is being ushered in and I can’t believe I have a front row seat to see the day every knee will bow.

Freaking awesome

This podcast is amazing. Josh and Adrian do such an amazing job at explaining their thoughts and making it entertaining for others to listen. This podcast has been like a light in the tunnel for me— making me realize that my deconstruction is okay and NORMAL and actually healthy. Thanks guys :)

Breathe of fresh air every week

I love this intelligent, funny, and genuine podcast. Reevaluating your beliefs can be complicated and exhausting, but this podcast makes you feel like you aren’t doing it alone.


fantastic podcast guys, thank you for creating this and bringing y’all’s originality and deep thinking to it!

Honest. Real. What we all are looking for.

Came across this podcast today and I’m hooked.

On Point

Adrian & Josh are so real and down to earth. Their podcasts touch on questions and feelings you have about religion and were not sure who to turn to for real, down to earth answers. Numerous times I have listed to their podcasts more than once. I love their authentic true selves! Laura C

Legit best podcast ever.

I know these boys personally and they are the same person off the podcast as they are on. They are real, they are funny, they are caring about their listeners and they have great taste in beers! And whoever does their side logos is pretty legit too! ;)

To pod be the glory

I love this podcast! Discovered at just the right time too. Equal parts funny, smart, and informative on current topics. If you are a former church kid, you’ll find this hilarious and refreshingly honest. No more “unspoken” requests, but a nice space for bad apples to ask some good questions that your pastor probably avoids. Highly recommend!

Witty, Rotten, & Relevant

I love this podcast. It’s especially eye opening for us kids who grew up trying to navigate the evangelical church world in the late 90s/early 2000s. These dudes give you permission to laugh about, cry about, question, and dissect everything your youth group and church culture taught you and/or the trauma they likely put you through. Along with the jokes an occasional innuendos, this podcast is full of spiritual depth, open mindedness, and a lot of love. You will find and experience Jesus here. ❤️

LOVE this podcast!

I just recently started listening to this podcast, and I have loved it so far. I listen to it when I drive to work! Great content and discussion topics!

Quickly becoming my fav

One of the best podcasts in my feed. Usually lighthearted and just a dash of cynical 😉

Love this podcast!

Refreshingly honest

Best. Podcast. EVER!

So, I am not usually one to listen to a podcast done by two straight men, but this newly released podcast is probably my favorite I've ever listened to! When I first discovered them in March I basically inhaled all of their episodes, and I’ve been listening to all of their other ones the day they come out (which is something I’ve never done with a podcast before). Equal parts hilarious and serious, these self-proclaimed "idiots" tackle all the subjects that my poor deconstructing heart needed to hear. From gender roles to purity culture to if hell is a real place, every episode feeds my soul. Through this deconstruction I've began to wonder if I will ever be able to call myself a Christian again, and after listening to these guys I feel seen and not alone. Thank you, Josh and Adrian!! I needed this podcast more than you know. (P.S. their Instagram page is full of memes so following them is a double blessing.)


J&A are now two of my new friends, whether they know it or not 😊 I am so thankful for their continual honesty and creative curating of conversations. They have allowed me to feel less alone and remind my heart that “it’s all gonna be okay”.

Great podcast

I don’t agree with everything shared or discussed, but that is the beauty of this community. We aren’t robots who all look, think & speak the same. This is real life diversity. I welcome the different views discussed with such freedom & openness. The hosts are very personable. It has become one of my favorite podcasts for sure!!

Honest, Raw, and refreshing

Not super theological, very educated unorthodox views of deconstructing evangelical Christianity. Gives me lots to think about and talk about and good jumping off points into other books or podcasts. The hosts are super likable and relatable. the guests are interesting and diverse.

Insightful and Fun

I am enjoying the podcast episodes they put out! I love the humor and honesty. I’ve been deconstructing for almost a year and this podcast is one I want to continuously follow and listen to. I can relate a lot to their past church and theology experiences.

My Kind of Crazy

Listening to Link and Gibbs makes me feel like maybe I’m not so crazy... or maybe they just be my kind of crazy lol. Either way, they have thought provoking conversation that makes me wish Wednesday’s came more often.

My New Favorite Podcast

Great hosts & interviews. Great conversation.