April 6, 2022

Dirty Rotten Live Show Atlanta!

Dirty Rotten Live Show Atlanta!

In case you missed it--we had the chance to make an appearance at our friend Kevin Garcia's Crowded Table Event in Atlanta. We recorded the show for those that couldn't make it, and took some time afterwards to recap and sip, smoke, read together. We talk about cancelled flights and driving through the night, discovering Josh is actually an Enneagram 7, and the work of building an online community with practical impact.

Brought to you by "it's not about Bodily Pleasure it's about GODILY Pleasure" and the Church Zone.

Time Stamps

Live Podcast! 00:12

Megachurch Instagram 4:40

Bad Apples Good Questions 25:50

After Hours w/ Kevin Garcia 55:54

Sip, Smoke, Read 1:10:16

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