Jan. 19, 2022

Speaking in Tongues w/ Noah Gundersen

Speaking in Tongues w/ Noah Gundersen

For the first episode of 2022 we had the pleasure of speaking with Noah Gundersen. We discuss his upbringing in a Christian cult, experiencing a spectrum of belief and non-belief, and the parallels between creative flow and the spirituality we are handed. We also discuss his latest record, ‘A Pillar of Salt’. Before the interview we talk about what we missed since November and play a game of Megachurch Instagram.

Brought to you by The Classic Scream and Leave™️ and #IAmMosesAndYouCanToo

Time stamps

10:50 What Did We Miss

38:10 Megachurch Instagram

51:17 Interview with Noah Gundersen

01:51:15 Sip Smoke Read

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