March 2, 2022

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

This week we talk about "culturally relevant" churches, how we were brought up in Hip Christianity ™, the ways people were leveraged to keep the machine running and the ways people were reduced to an attendance statistic. We also take a Texas Anti-Trans bill to Hellcourt, play a game of Improv Sunday School Songs and hear stories from the Bad Apples.

Brought to you by Zit and Snot in the Morning # CurseGodandDieF*cker

Time Stamps

Improv Sunday School Songs 14:30

Hellcourt 25:14

Main Topic 42:19

Sip Smoke Read 2:01:01

Vostok SOS

Malteser International

Nova Ukraine

24 LGBTQ+ Organizations You Can Support Right Now

Irreverent Media Group

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Intro theme " Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden) – Kubbi"

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