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Empires to Embers

If you know, you know! Janice has truly made an art form of turning trauma to comedy gold, with a Black Joy cherry on top. This podcast is incredibly healing if you've ever had to leave evangelical/ evangelical-lite spaces. My favorite exvie pod by far.

Thankful and giggling

I did not realize I had a Janice-shaped hole in my life. I’m so thankful for her voice, her wit, her creativity and her vulnerability. I get the chance to hear, think, ponder and grow because she has shared her experiences and thoughts with us.

I feel seen:)

Amazing and necessary. Beautifully raw and honest. A deep and sincere thank you for this work! ... the Bensons are adorable!!

Wonderful Podcast!

I feel like I’m listening to a friend every time I tune in. Janice is so warm and genuine and helping me work through my deconstruction. Keep up the good work!

Fully necessary

- I absolutely loved listening to 2.1 with Wes (side note: you DO need to listen to it like ASAP) where he was able to put into words many of the ways I’ve been feeling lately in examining my faith and relationship to the church; and I absolutely loved listening to 2.4 with Jo, hearing her talk about the ways she views divinity and how she has evolved her parenting was incredibly inspiring to me. - So much hope and candid curiosity while digging through some of the most difficult, identity-shaping, beautiful spiritual growth. Cannot recommend this podcast enough. Janice masterfully brings the listener along the twisty, turny, destination-TBD trek towards her personal truth, without trading in humor or humanity.

The Aramis Episode!

It sounds like you two have so much fun together. And she has such an infectious laugh! I cackled right along with you two. You’re a great host. Such interesting episodes. Keep them coming! Can’t wait for you and Aramis to see the tarot reader.


Love the honesty, the Black Joy and the relevance of this work.