Dec. 24, 2021

THE MOMENTUM with Janice

THE MOMENTUM with Janice

Join Janice in talking to herself about what the past year has been like and why she has decided to feud with instagram for the next one. 



Things mentioned in this episode...

SQUADCAST - the podcast recording platform I use to record my podcasts before editing them in LOGIC and uploading them to MEGAPHONE - the podcast distributor used by IRREVERENT MEDIA GROUP , which I became a part of this summer, thanks to good words being put in by my friends Josh & Adrian, dem dirty rotten boys of DIRTY ROTTEN CHURCH KIDS. This podcast will be going on hiatus until February 2022, but my other two podcasts, will be up and running with BAD WORDS coming at you every Monday, and BETWEEN THE LINES every Friday for my Keeper Patrons on PATREON. You can also keep up with Janice via her blog and/or website which is hosted by BANDZOOGLE - a website building and hosting platform that specializes in sites for bands and musicians. You should definitely visit JANICELAGATA.COM and join the mailing list to get your free download of Happier Than (Worship).

And remember, as @heytherebenji always says: You're not crazy. Everything else is.

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