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Fills my soul

The podcast taught me how to make space for myself once again. Something I must have stopped doing at a young age. It fills my soul.

Breath of fresh air

I love how these women don’t shy away from anything! They’ve created a safe space for so many and I love their interviewing style. It’s the perfect background to a drive or work ❤️

So needed

So needed in this time of hunkering down. Stay in in place but open your mind to make space for dialogue and ideas...bravo Sarah for giving us ‘meat’ to chew on. Thanks.


Sarah Heath brings humor, intelligence with a dash of humility in a world that badly needs a whole lot of what she’s sharing. She’s multi-talented, gifted and passionate. This is a podcast worth listening to. DJ

Another Amazing Podcast!

Sarah is an amazing voice in this time. Taking topics from multiple perspectives while allowing space for everyone to experience grace and peace. Love this!

Can’t wait to follow along!

Sarah creates a safe space to discuss human connection, break down walls (sometimes literally), lean into authenticity, and hear from individuals of various backgrounds, inviting listeners to go out and make their own special spaces within their communities. Can’t wait to follow along!

She’s back!

Rev. Sarah Heath is such an important for our society today. I’m writing this during Coronavirus and I’m reminded of how important it is to make spaces for everyone and anyone to belong. Such a good listen.

A breath of fresh air

Sarah has a vision of what can be that is needed today. We carry so much baggage (physical, emotional and spiritual) that hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time. I look forward to the ways that Sarah can lead us to spring cleaning.