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A must listen

This podcast is essential in understanding what has happened in the US between 2016-2021 and what led to it. Blake does an amazing job of asking thought provoking questions and giving a platform to specialist in these areas, many who are women and people of color. I highly recommend to anyone who has/is grappling with putting their life back together after deconstruction or watching family fall prey to these systems.

Fantastic series

Blake does a great job booking experts and walking that fine “host line” of engaging conversation and questions that spur the experts to unpack their views! Episode 1-2 are PHENOMENAL…can’t wait to enjoy the rest.

Thought provoking and engaging

I have been listening to these the past few months and look forward to season 2. The podcast features fantastic guests and Blake asks interesting and thought provoking questions that we must be asking ourselves. Highly recommend!

Worth Your Time

Cutting edge, captivating, and thought provoking are three terms I would use to describe Powers and Principalities. Each week features a different scholar who has been studying how power has been used/abused, with a focus on white evangelical nationalism. I have ordered several books from the authors Blake has interviewed, as it has given me a desire to learn more and dig deeper into the hows, what’s, and why’s of Christian nationalism.

Great insight!

This podcast does an amazing job exploring what props up white evangelicalism. It’s been super enlightening and basically gives me another book recommendation each week, which gives me a lot to do while sitting in quarantine.

Urgent, thoughtful and hits very deep

As a longtime listener to Exvangelical, I was eager to follow where the exploration of deconstruction takes us all next. Although I have been completely out of the Evangelical movement for 15 years and studied (or grew up with) some of these same primacy sources that the authors in the series are drawing from, it has been helpful but very difficult to realise how urgent a sober discussion of the politics of Christian nationalism under Trump is in this moment. I am mostly caught up with the series now, and I am floored by how relevant the homeschool movement of the 1980s or the weird messages about masculinity and violence I absorbed growing up and thought I escaped has become to the whole country now. This is an important project, and Blake is just the person for the job.

Can’t wait for episode 2!

Learned so much from the first episode. Thoughtful, entertaining, and well-produced. Can’t wait for the next!

Great podcast

Love these conversations—love the intro music, too! ❤️