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Diverse, Dynamic and Enjoyable

The conversations Josie and Spencer have each episode are some of the most genuine you could find on the internet. They are opening up the doors to share space with so many that may have been told by the church to sit down and shut up. This podcast is a place for them to speak up and it’s such a privilege to get to listen.


Love this podcast. It’s so relatable to me since I too left the Assembly’s of God church after 35 years.

Love you two Women! Keep Talking!!

Congratulations 🥂 The world needs women like you and so many people need you! They realize there not alone! People need to here what is happening in these so called religious groups! And what they are doing to women! Go girls your doing good! And remember Jesus love’s you!! PROUD!! Love, Aunt Geri xoxo

Please keep taking!

I’m in my 70’s and when I had children in my 30’s I told myself and my husband that you have to remember when you were so young and what you thought when your parents talked to you.. this is very important and it helps you to grow and to talk to your children! This podcast is so wonderful and so so very important for all you young people! Thank you so much!

Honest ❤️

Love these ladies. So true and honest. God is good!

Making this mom rethink some stuff

This week’s episode on purity culture really made me stop and think about the messages my daughters received in church and from me. They should walk proudly in their skin and without shame or fear of what others will think. I am disappointed in myself that I contributed to or reinforced a message where the girl must protect the boy from his own bad thoughts and behaviors. I have enjoyed every episode and although I may not agree with all opinions thus far, the differences is what helps each of us grow and opens up conversations. Thank you ladies for the awesome show each week and great guests so far.

Great Content

They talk about relevant topics the church is facing today in a laidback way. Great variety of guest as well! If you don’t like women speaking their minds about church issues, get used to it 👌