May 12, 2023

Weekly Roundup: The Town Hall Putsch

Weekly Roundup: The Town Hall Putsch

Brad and Dan begin by discussing the two massacres in one day that happened in Texas last weekend. They borrow from work by Umar Haique who summarizes the state of the USA as a country experiencing "ultraviolence" as a form of societal collapse.

Brad links this to the Trump town hall hosted by CNN. He makes the case that this was the platforming of a fascist leader who has no interest in truth or policy, much less persuading voters. His motive is power and it flows from his worldview: the strong deserve to rule and the weak deserve dehumanization and punishment.

Dan relates all of this to the verdict in the E. Jean Carroll civil suit and what it means now and moving forward.

In the final segment, Dan explains how Senator Tommy Tuberville (AL) called White nationalists "real Americans" and what this reveals about the state of the GOP.

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