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Understanding America

There are many anti-democratic forces that have been central to my country throughout our history that I was mostly unaware of until recently. This podcast is a vital resource for correcting those blind spots, understanding how we find ourselves teetering on the brink of fascism, and hopefully to help fight the fascists rising in influence and power with each passing day. Please keep it up!


I so appreciate these religious scholars sharing their perspectives from the inside, exposing the current march toward a White Christian Nationalist America. The suggestion of an intentional campaign across all progressive media to highlight Free Speech in the First Amendment is genius. What can we do to actually get money and smart marketers behind this effort.

Makes me think!

Appreciate that they bring it all to the table and make me question some long held practices.

Truly Christianity for our era😇👍

This is a breath fresh air. So tired of having my Faith defined by a minority radical right. If Jesus had a flag it would have been a rainbow. Dedicated listener. -Bill W. Spartanburg, SC

Seriously my favorite podcast

I listen to this five days a week, while I’m at work. As an Ex-Christian, I love that they’re always willing to call out the atrocities that others have done in the name of their version of Christianity. They have opened my view of things that I used to take part in, specifically purity culture, and how damaging it truly is, and how it ties in with white supremacy. This is my number one favorite podcast.

Important work!

Brad and Dan keep pumping out such important projects that help us understand the insidious nature of white Christian nationalism. This patriotic show inspires me to engage in activism and do my part to uphold our democratic principles.

Mostly good

The series “Charismatic Revival Fury” brought me here. It was so engaging, informative and gave clear context to the Trump phenomenon. Should be required listening! The regular SWAJ episodes are good but maybe a bit too reactionary. I’m center left, I’ve never been in communities with extreme thinking of any kind but I know people who have and walked away. Often they swing right past the discerning middle. In Ep. 46 Anti Woke, Dan Miller boldly claims that anyone critical of “woke” behavior is actually just “against anti-racism”. That’s reactionary!

This explains everything that feels off about Republican Evangelicals

Not all Christians, not all Evangelicals, not even all Republicans… But a lot of these people seem profoundly un-Christian, hateful, unconcerned about children unless they are in the womb or in the proximity of an LGBTQ person, and even voting against their own best interest. What is going on? Well, these scholars break it down for you! This is an incredibly in-depth series that connects all the dots, and does so with compassion and openness. It gives a deep understanding of how a big chunk of the Charismatic Evangelical ideology pushes otherwise perfectly decent people further and further to the right and into the bigger scheme of White Christian Nationalism. The show describes just how all the political moves work together to create a world that is hostile to everyone but this minority of people who believe they are the Chosen. I listen to thousands of hours of podcasts every year, and this one has quickly become my favorite of the bunch. Highly recommended!

MUST Listen!

I too am a recovering Evangelical Christian. This podcast has really put a lot things into perspective for me and given me a large community nationwide. I wrote an autobiography about some of these issues: “The Adventures of a Southern (Baptist) Buddhist.” We all need all the help we can get—the cards are stacked against us in this country. Thank you so much for your hard work.

Stumbling block

This being a gendered issue focused only on women is not my experience. I felt it deeply as a man. And it meant not challenging other people’s faith. Not causing them to lose or begin questioning their faith, in any way. It had little to do with anything not just sex. Also, I felt very much restrained from sexual expression. I’m a feminist but I don’t understand this language used, diminishing the sexual trauma this can do to men, and presenting the argument that men get a free pass. In what church? I tune in, and what Is get is that my trauma is not real.

Removed podcast with Gregoire and daughter

I am so glad to see you took the recent podcast with Gregorire and her daughter down. The mocking laughter and the complaint about how she was described, a description that comes almost verbatim from her website, was in my opinion, grievous. I appreciate your show and, in the past, have appreciated some of the insights that Gregoire et al -- who are bloggers, and authors, and...have contributed to needed discussions.

Intelligent, informative, and insightful

Unlike many podcasts hosted by a pair of friends, these guys don’t waste our time introducing each episode with babbling about their latest food/couture/anxiety obsessions. They get right to the point, using non-academic language to investigate complex issues with competence and grace. They know what they’re talking about, and frequently reframe issues I thought I already understood in ways that give me new context and insight. This is the podcast I’ve been looking for.

Very timely and informative

As someone who was a staunch evangelical and even Pentecostal, and then was no longer welcome due to my acceptance of the lgbtq community, I appreciate this podcast so much. It is helping me to connect the dots between the Christian nationalist movement with all its various parts and how the Republicans have co-opted this. I really appreciate how Brad and Dan are working hard to bring these things to light. This podcast is helping me know what to say to my very conservative relatives, Facebook friends and others, and also showing me how I can make a real difference and partner with others in this fight for our democracy.

Insightful, helpful, and timely

I recently discovered this podcast, and right away the title grabbed me. Daniel and Bradley speak eloquently, honestly, compassionately and truthfully about very difficult topics. As I’m sure any of us who grew up in the church can attest, it is … difficult, to say the least, navigating these current waters in the midst of or post-deconstruction. Wherever you find yourself in the midst of today’s current religious and political climate, this podcast is the best one I’ve found after extensive research for keeping up with political/religious happenings simultaneously. Both Bradley and Daniel are extremely knowledgable, and I appreciate the guests they have on as well. As someone who loves it when the hard topics are dug into and the gritty stuff isn’t shied away from, I deeply appreciate how all of these topics are discussed and have a ton of respect for the amount of work these guys do and how accessible they have made it to all. Thank you, Bradley and Daniel, for your hard work, and for speaking on behalf of the disenfranchised of both the religious and political varieties. Love your podcast and am enjoying sharing it with friends and family.

Good but one correction

H Richard not Reinhold Niebuhr was the Christ and culture guy. Loved the trad cath episode tho, really helpful

Why the obsession with drag shows?

I’d love to hear an episode about why the religious right has become obsessed with drag shows.

Matthew Taylor & NAR

While I love all the SWAJ podcasts, Dr. Taylor’s narrative about NAR is phenomenally engaging and compelling. He painted such a clear and terrifying picture of NAR that I could only listen to the series over several weeks. Too intense to absorb all at once. You’ve done a great service to the country by helping us understand another piece of the puzzle behind the cause of the 1/6 insurrection.

Excellent Podcast

I was raised in a fundamentalist evangelical household in S.America, pastor father and all. Now I am in my 18th year of no longer being religious. Went from agnostic to full atheist. Now I am going through a process of healing all the religious trauma I have, but did not notice until recently. I had been looking for a podcast for people who have been going through similar experiences, but the podcast I found came out very preachy. Most of the time they would speak about their love for Jesus and stuff like that. I was looking for something more matter of fact, that spoke about current political and religious events. This is the PERFECT show for my particular situation. I love how smart the conversation comes across. The host and guests may still be believers but speak about it only when it’s appropriate and they don’t come out preachy at all. Highly recommended podcast

Helpful deconstruction material

For almost 20 years, my faith was influenced by all of these NAR leaders/speakers. I attended their conferences, listened to their music and bought their books. But when I saw their support of Trump, I began to question their motive. It was when they politicized Covid & George Floyd’s murder, that I had had enough. Those were the breaking points for me, especially when they advocated white supremacy in the face of systemic racism. It was then that I began my deconstruction. This podcast’s thorough reporting chronicles the details of the downfall of the Evangelical church. It exposes the infrastructure that is upholding the Charismatic church still. This is a must hear podcast on par with Rachel Maddow’s Ultra.

An Excellent Exercise Into the Subtle Connotations of Language, Intentions, and Meanings.

This podcast means a lot to me. I am grateful for the thought that goes into what Christianity means in the larger canvas of the American tapestry. Thank you. And keep up the good work. -Doug

Helpful Perspective

I grew up in a fundamentalist church, and breaking down the phrases that were used around me has been helpful. It’s also helped me gain a more grounded perspective of what’s happening in the world around us and begin to see the “strings behind the puppets.”

Thoughtful Clarity

I was raised in an evangelical fundamentalist community, and this podcast has helped me put things I’ve experienced in perspective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. It’s been so helpful for me.

Rational and relatable

I learned a lot listening to the Orange Wave, and I continue to learn from the hosts’ commentary on current events and from their many distinguished guests. The latest series, Apostolic Revival Fury, is a critical addition to the history of the January 6 insurrection and a frightening and fascinating expose of a religious movement aligned with authoritarianism.

So good! Helping me understand what’s going on at home

I grew up Pentecostal, with a preacher dad in the Assembly of God church. I’m now agnostic and haven’t attended church in years but have watched over 20 years as my mom has changed into a different person after joining a non-denominational, charismatic church in 2003. I barely recognize her beliefs now, and am so confounded by the things she says. This podcast is really helping me understand the teachings of that church, what they mean, like Dominion Theology, Intercessory Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, and in what direction they’re leading my mom.

Understanding the Fight

I was raised as a Mormon and do not know a lot about Evangelicals. This podcast is so helpful for me to understand the evolution of the White Christian Nationalist movement in America. I can’t fight what I don’t understand. Thank you for providing this historical viewpoint and even more for providing an alternative viewpoint based on an intelligent and thoughtful response.

Great commentary on Christian superiority

While it seemed Donald Trump and the current state of the Republican party opened the floodgates to Christian superiority and republican elitism, Brad Onishi and Dan Miller show that the American Right has always been this way and Trump was the pinnacle of the where we are as a country not the beginning. The hosts show how problems steam from deep within the beliefs, talking about how many theological faith practices may have good intentions in theory but have harmful effects in practice. Each host has been involved in evangelical culture for a long time and can speak to these issues as an expert. Furthermore they bring in others who have equal knowledge to bring to linger where/what needs fixing. I always recommend this podcast to those who are deconstructing. Good job to all involved here!

Honest & genuine (not always easy) discussions

Thank you for the time and effort you put into sharing your knowledge & experience in this pod. I really enjoy the *honest* (not always easy, but genuine!) and balanced perspective; with historical/current references; very conversational (vs lecturing). SWAJ are great educators, have hearty debates on broad variety of topics and don’t shy from sharing tough (in USA 2022) topics; feed your brain this kind of quality pod if you want to learn & grow as a human:-)

A niche program

This is a podcast with a very specific theme that is extremely important today. The alarm about Christian Nationalism often goes unnoticed by the media in general. They break down the issues like academics and not like some commentators with little to no training in analyzing and critical thinking.

So Important

There couldn’t be enough voices sounding the alarm on Christian Nationalism today in America - and Brad and Daniel are at the head. Their thoughtful and historical conversations are so helpful in navigating these times and issues.

#1 identifying & documenting whiteChristianNationalism

This week I've seen 3 random podcasts in my feed discussing the problem of white christian nationalism. Suddenly it’s everywhere! Thank u Brad and Daniel for persistently drawing attention to this threat to US and global security + welfare. ( I came here from #UNFTR, and am now an avid regular listener. Excellent critical analysis, insightful, very very interesting podcast. Love love love your work. )