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Wow lifesaving

Lifesaving might be an overstatement but I’m just so happy this podcast exists. As an ex-evangelical myself living in AZ, I’ve struggled to find community with conversations like the ones featured in this podcast. Keep up the awesome work!! You are covering important topics in our critical political state.

So interesting

5 stars amazing

Killer analysis and insights

Yep! Will keep listening as long as they keep going 👍🏼


Thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. It always has insightful thoughts and ideas, and it is thoroughly researched. I've found myself coming back to listen often over the past 2 years.

Silicon Valley episode

I’m from the Bay Area and I can relate to this episode! It’s so true. Love your show, thanks for all the hard work you do!

Excellent analysis

I came here from #UNFTR, and am now an avid regular listener. Excellent critical analysis, insightful, very very interesting podcast.

Important and necessary…the best podcast on my list

I’m a huge fan and will do whatever I can to promote SWAJ.

Highly recommend

Well researched and informative. Host is intelligent, genuine, & concerned about the greater good while bringing truthful information to the forefront of major issues facing our country & society as a whole.


It’s a hard to say which I love more but swaj is at the top of my Fabre pods. So smart and compelling


Excellent content and interviewing skills. Facilitates a granular understanding from the guests. Special attention to the recent March 2022 Sarah Ricardi-Swartz interview. After I listened to this interview I checked out her first interview on this podcast May 2021. I also checked out some other interviews of hers. Of note, there is an marked urgency in her voice today that does not exist in her previous interviews!

Great podcast!

This is a great and informative podcast that doesn’t pull punches in evaluating both our troubled US history as well as current political divisions. Their pieces on evangelicalism help listeners understand the actual history and basis of this group and how they have been led to support the GOP and align/be absorbed by White Christian Nationalism. I always come away feeling they have widened my understanding of current events.

Thank you!

Great show. Great guests. A growing understanding of how America has found itself in such political crisis is a must-listen-to. PLEASE PUT LINKS IN YOUR SHOW NOTES, GUYS! In order to better understand and spread the word is essential, so please include links to authors, guests, books, and relevant articles!!!

Great show

I recently found the podcast and enjoy every episode. I think you two strike a good tone. Sharing your knowledge of our current developing spiritual and religious expression in our culture and country in a non emotional, nonjudgmental informed way…and I love it.

Great Depth of knowledge into topics

Topics actually circle back and spiral to bring you deeper into the connective tissue of related stories, policies, and ideologies. I like the supporting context behind current event topics. I’m 10 episodes back from current and was hooked after about 3.

Connecting dots

This podcast helps make sense of a lot of things, and establishes connections that often go unnoticed. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said “No (freaking) wonder!” or “How the heck did I not see this?!” as I’ve listened. Fascinating, thorough, and timely, I learn something new every episode.

I wish I could get everyone to listen to this

Absolutely amazing in every way. Always covers exactly what needs to be said and explains it so well. Great guests. Great insights. So happy I found this.

I’m going to listen to more

I’ve had the chance to listen to a couple episodes of this podcast now and I’m really intrigued to learn more!

So helpful

Listening through the Mild at Heart series has been so helpful for me. Most specifically Brad’s repeated promise that we are not alone! I am one of those men that tends to minimize my experience growing up in fundamentalism. I started going to therapy for other reasons and am constantly discovering ways that my childhood in evangelicalism continues to influence my relationships with my spouse, others, and the divine. Thank you Brad and Dan for addressing these topics. I also thoroughly enjoy the interviews and riffs you guys go off on. This is always the first podcast I put on as soon as a new episode drops. Thanks for all the hard work!

I’m Not Alone!

I didn’t know the name for what I was going through; I just knew everyone that “shunned” me and shook their heads at how I’d “lost my faith” were wrong. The isolation was close to unbearable. I lost the ministry of which I was the founder and I can’t sit in a church here because I can’t ignore what I see as blatant indoctrination. This podcast is so important because it puts a name to what happens when we seek truth. I’m still a Jesus person and these days living out the fact that my faith doesn’t fall apart at the onset of questions and reasoning. That you so much for this podcast !!!

Hitting the nail on the head

This podcast addresses subjects I have been thinking about my entire life. From a childhood of evangelicalism, to study at a well known Bible college, and ultimately the deconstruction of my faith as an adult, I have found these conversations to be insightful and valuable while continuing to think about the role of American evangelicalism on my life, it’s role in the lives of those around me and society at large.

Like Whoah!

As someone who grew up in conservative, religious Texas, this podcast has helped me feel like I’m not alone in all the things I struggled with growing up and even as an adult. The Mild at Heart Series - incredible!

Amazing show

Love this. I grew up Pentecostal and turned out trans. So much of what is talked about here affected me in all the worst ways. It’s comforting to listen to someone who sees so many of the same issues I did growing up.

Thoroughly researched & handled with care

This show was one of the first podcasts I found along my deconstruction journey. I very much appreciate the blend of researched doctrine, theology and religion with personal experience the hosts and their guests bring to the conversation. I find great value in the historical perspective spoken to and while I also enjoy some other deconstruction resources for their personal accounts, this show layers in so much depth and education that I find myself learning new things and affirming my own stance on faith ( or lack there of) with copious resources at my aide. Bravo

Excellent podcast

I listen to every episode. Very informative.

Great show!

I love this show, it helps me keep up with the alt-right, and know what terrible stuff they are up to, along with the myths they tell themselves.

Essential guide to the extremist white Christian threat to our democracy

Have learned so much about the white male ChristoFascist threat to our democracy - since the founding fathers through the Civil War, Jim Crow and accelerated since Brown v Board and then Reagan. We are in a fight for our survival.

Good work

Nice podcast. Could you guys stop saying “sort of” and “kind of” all the time? Was the violence on 6 January really “sort of reprehensible?” I personally find it reprehensible—no qualifier needed. Lots of other instances of the same. But good work—I realize how hard this must be! Congrats!

Unbelievably enlightening

The best podcast I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Humbling, as Jesus really was.

My Favorite Podcast

I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. It is refreshing to hear Dan and Brad articulate everything I’m feeling and back it all up with tons of education and research. It is also reassuring to hear perspectives that are more in alignment with mine. When some of the people closest to me have completely opposing views, it can feel like we’re living in alternate realities. It can be very disheartening and isolating. So, thank you Dan and Brad!! You are doing such amazing work!!!

Great Topics, Enlightening Discussions

I love this podcast so much, I have shared so many episodes with friends! I love all the thought and research put into the show, as well as incredible guests <3


This show is so well done and so important!

Straight White American Jesus

Great podcast!! Love there subject material!!!

Each episode clears rubble from the discourse of the right

I’m okay eager to listen to the depth and seriousness of religious review by this duo showing how the right often gives a sloppy revision of Christianity, nationalism, and sexual claims. Scholarly without seeming as though I’m back in class.

A great resource for EXvangelicals

This podcast has helped me better understand my experience growing up in the evangelical church, leaving it, and watching many friends and their parents subscribe to Christian Nationalism, join Godspeak, and becoming completely brainwashed by Rob McCoy. I still maintain my belief in a higher power but I am shocked at what modern Christianity has manifested into, and SWAJ has provided fantastic academic insight into this perversion of Jesus’s core message. Keep up the good work Brad and Dan!!!

In love!

I am so glad I found this podcast. Wonderful insight!

Thank you

This podcast is helping me think through why I felt I had to leave my evangelical church. Leaving felt like a bad breakup and these talks are giving me some balance and forgiveness toward myself. Grateful.

Helpful podcast

As someone raised in the evangelical church in the United States, I had a long bumpy road trying to navigate the quirks and foibles in the faith community. Bradley does a great job here unpacking a lot of difficult concepts and dynamics. Even if you disagree with him I think it’s worth a listen to better understand what’s going on in the north American church

Excellent and Informative

This podcast has become a can’t-miss part of my week. I so appreciate Brad and Dan’s perspective. I’m one of the many Exvangelicals whose world was turned upside down by the election of Trump. Suddenly, I’m seeing the country through a completely new lens. I see the bigotry and nationalism and racism and misogyny- it’s overwhelming. That’s why it’s so invaluable to find resources that can help connect the dots for me. Thank you!

Thought Provoking Podcast

Highly intelligent and relevant podcast for what is going on today within the evangelical Christian church and politics. Dan & Brad are well read and educated, and explain their viewpoints well. Even if you don’t agree or like what they are saying, I encourage you to give them a listen with an open mind. They have really encouraged me to re-evaluate things that I was taught. Keep up the good work guys!

This podcast is the truth...

This is one of the most intelligent podcast on the “airways” today! I listen every week and appreciate the expertise of the hosts. Keep up the great work!


A relevant, urgent, important podcast. Highly recommended.

So Intelligent, SUCH Needed Perspectives

Thank you for this podcast. Thank you everyone who contributes to it.

Eye opening podcast!

I wish something like these podcasts had existed decades ago! Brad, Dan and their guests do a terrific job analyzing current events and how they are impacted by conservative Christianity. The discussions are always stimulating.

You are doing God's work

I was raised in the Catholic church. I spent most of my adult life going to Reformed churches. My experiences with the people in these churches have been almost always good and good-natured. However I always found myself asking institutional or dogmatic questions that always manged to silence a group. The questions I thought were pretty innocent like, “Do you think there was a flag with SPQR in the synagogues and churches of the early church? Then why does our church have an American Flag in the front?” That one figuratively had people reaching for their spiritual guns. I went about my business for years and looked for opportunities to ask philosophical questions that tested our faith to bring it out of the world of superstition and myth to an all inclusive grace filled world view. I quickly found that people were happy what they believed and didn’t like people questioning their dogma. What I also noticed was that a cult of liberty ws taking over our politics. Were the individual was not only free of government oppression but also free from any obligations to maintain a civil society; free from any responsibility as a citizen in this commonwealth. Long story short. I came across this podcast using a variety of terms I was using to search the web and eventually put white christian nationalism together and voila here I am. This show is the best podcast I’ve found in years. It is probably the most dangerous as well. Freedom fighters seeking to free us from bondage of ignorance have always faced danger because they strike at the root of power and privilege. Keep up the good work and godspeed.


I've learned so much from this podcast. I grew up in the South (so around many evangelical Christians) but I'm not Christian, so it has been very helpful to learn from two people who have both personal and academic experience. I especially love the interview episodes.

If you are Christian... shouldn’t have a problem listening to this podcast. In fact, I dare you (Christians) to actually listen to this well thought out, well researched content that holds so-called Christian leaders, organizations and other collective groups accountable to the principles and teachings that come straight out of the Bible, most directly from Jesus himself. If you don’t believe in cancel culture, come listen, debate on social media, and or be open to hear truth. This is a fantastic podcast. Give it a try!

Phil Chester

This is a great podcast! One of my favorites. I never miss a show. I grew up as a preacher’s kid in a southern fundamentalist church. As an adult I began a long process of pulling away from the faith because I had a constantly growing list of questions, and few answers. That eventually led to a personal quest to gain understanding about how the religion evolved and to sort out the history from the myth and theology. At the same time I became aware that the evangelical movement, while sharing many similarities with my tradition, had been moving in some strikingly different directions for decades, leaving me with even more unanswered questions. To make matters worse, I now am occasionally faced with the need to be able to justify and explain my position on faith and christianity, in a coherent, respectful, and non-threatening way to various members of my extended family, who are devout mega-church evangelicals. The challenge of learning about and understanding the vast amount of ancient christian history and culture, as well as that of our current times is an enormous one. Brad and Daniel reliably provide many valuable insights that help me deal with those challenges. Thank you Brad and Dan!!

Great Podcast.

I listen every time a new one comes out. I love your podcast.

Excellent show, hosts, and message

As a long time atheist I am immediately turned off by self-righteous bible thumpers. There is none of that here. Dan and Brad continuously excel at explaining the historical relevance, the political scope, and reasons for hope of the political, religious, and social climate. I always learn something knew listening to SWAJ and have started following Andrew Seidel, Katherine Stewart, Chrissy Stoop, and many other historians and authors as a result. I never understood the Christian / Trump connection before this show. Only area for improvement is more Dan Miller!!! Love you both; fangirl crush on Dan.

Essential Listening

Really enjoy hearing the hosts’ take on things going down in the evangelical-political world with Falwell, Trump, and other current events.

Simply the Best

SWAJ, with Brad and Dan is my weekly “go to” for insight on current events especially as they relate to living as an “exvangelical” in the current cultural dynamics we are experiencing. I began “deconstructing” 29 years ago and these two, among others (notably for me, Cindy Wang Brandt and Chrissy Stroup) have been influential to greatly steepen the trajectory of my personal movement toward a more healthy understanding in these last few. Much more could be said but thank you Brad & Dan! Your work is greatly appreciated 🙂❤️🙂

Straight White American Jesus

This amazing podcast is essential for those who wish to understand how hegemonic forces in the United States of America seek to erase the voices of plurality from dominant cultural discourse. The hosts distill the essence of who, how and why racist christian patriarchy and politics uses shame, fear, scripture and legislation to keep human beings organized in categories indicated by a world view in which white males are privileged by a white male god. The hosts are experts with the academic chops to back up their perspectives, and create an engaging and laid-back, accessible atmosphere for anyone seeking to understand the issues.

No fluff, good stuff

Brad and Dan get right down to business, no shallow chit chat. I started questioning my Christian faith when Trump was elected and this podcast has help me put into words what I could not explain in 2016. Thank you!


Soo good, articulate and big facts. Growing up in the church, I really love and needed such podcast.

Fight me!

This podcast is essential listening. ✊🏽

I’ve listened to every episode

Brad and Dan do a great job of incorporating weekly current events into their show in addition to important work of scholars, historians, writers and other experts. I have learned so much from all of the perspectives given on the show.

Nothing but FACTS

Son of an Apostolic minister and college graduate here. This is one of my favorite podcasts considering how deep they dive into the realms of America’s untold history intertwined with white nationalism and American Christianity. Every premise they make is thoroughly researched and well studied.

Simply Fantastic!

Well researched historical perspective of current events through a lens of American Christianity. Thought provoking and informative!

incredible work

This podcast provides so much important information and crucial insights into the conservative evangelical world. Every episode has at least one moment of jaw-dropping truth.


The first episode was like listening to a page from my childhood. Thank you for presenting these historical facts for what they are and showing how whether we like it or not we have been influenced by a racist white version of Christianity.

Informative and insightful

I’ve learned a lot from these guys. Love it.

Insightful Podcast

This podcast has helped me to gain insight into so many detailed topics under the umbrella topic of Christian nationalism in America.


Way more nuanced and researched than many religion-focused podcasts. Written by people who know evangelical culture both personally and academically.

Facts and perspective

It is rare to find a Christian broadcast that is so well researched and documented. This is one of the best podcasts I have ever listen to. I particularly like the fact that they take issues that are occurring weekly and provide strong historical research and discussion.


Insightful and thought-provoking, always eager to hear each new episode.

Academically Sound

They honestly give evangelicalism more credit than it deserves. They're incredibly kind and reasonable and rational in their criticisms and arguments. The fact that they take that world and its propogandists seriously is more than it deserves. Thank you for providing sane perspectives on a quasi-cult-like world. Y'all are great!

Love it!

I’m a little obsessed with this podcast! It’s perfect for the “ex-evangelical” crowd, especially when so many current events are intertwined with white evangelicalism. It’s a good lens through which to process!

Nuanced and thoughtful

As a former evangelical Christian, it’s been extremely helpful to have voices and minds like these to help me understand the disconnect I see in Jesus and the modern American church. 6/5 keep doing this work 🙏

My Favorite Analysis

I grew up in the Evangelical world and left over a decade ago. SWAJ has been vital to my growth and overall mental/spiritual wellbeing. I learn something in every episode and I love the way they center current events from perspective of white christian nationalism. Unpacking the culture that raised me and being equipped with language that helps me define the things I’ve experience has been hugely empowering. Keep up the great work Brad and Dan!

About time

There are not enough voices to challenge white evangelical supremacists. This podcast is one of those few voices. The analyses provided are deeply and academically sourced. This is crucial work. Listen.

Amazing podcast!!

I love this podcast and learn so many amazing things from these guys!

Spreading Truth

Thank you so much Brad and Dan for providing this very important info regarding Christian Nationalism. Amazing show.

Thoughtful Discussion of Religion and Other Systems of Power at Work in America

The host won’t receive much pushback on his points, but he’s articulate and well researched.

If you have a heart.

Sooooooo gooooooooood. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and your kindness in discussing some of these topics that need to be openly talked about.

One of the must-listen podcasts in my library

These guys have some of the most insightful commentary about Christian nationalism out there.

Love This Podcast !!

Having been immersed in Evangelical culture for most of my life and now recognizing and recovering from so much trauma and racism fro it , finding this podcast was a breath of fresh air! Thank you for doing what you do . I look l forward to listening every chance I get !

Very fair assessment of Christian culture

Definitely nuanced takes on today’s Christianity. The podcast has served a perfect place in my life as I’ve struggled with how I proceed with religion in the face of many disturbing incidents in America. Thank you for dealing with the topics and I look forward more podcast

It all makes sense

Truly one of the best podcasts linking our current moment to threads which have always existed in the strange world of American evangelicalism.

Deep understanding

If you really want to understand American religion and think deeply about the contexts and origins of the events and phenomena that shape our lives, then Straight White American Jesus is for you. Brad and Dan and their well-chosen guests bring scholarly acumen and analysis to bear in an engaging and accessible way. My favorite podcast.


Thank you guys for what you are doing with your podcast! So great to listen to! SWAJ for life!! All those haters can give you guys low ratings but they can’t stop the high quality content you guys deliver!

I love this podcast!

I listen to this podcast every week and appreciate the level headed, well researched commentary on politics and current issues. Their “Orange Wave” series is a must listen. Thanks Brad and Dan!!

Awesome podcast

I love this podcast. Great teachings on the history of racism and Christian Nationalism in the US.

Great Podcast for Honest Listeners

I started listening to this podcast out of curiousity. I am not religious but I can't help but wonder why White Evangelicals support Trump. Thank you guys for breaking it down for me. I really appreciate this and I feel like I'm learning more. Best Podcast I’ve heard in a while.


I’ve lost count how many times I’ve recommended this podcast. Thanks for the great work you guys do!

Timely podcast definitely worth a listen

Honestly my favorite podcast. This podcast does an incredibly good job delving into the intersection between American Christianity and white nationalism. Built off of both academia and personal experience, the hosts paint a very raw, honest, and nuanced portrait of the religious right that points out very real problems without sounding overt alarmist. Helps me make a lot of sense of the fundamentalist upbringing/schooling I had and the family members who seemingly fell off the deep end by voting trump. I have recommended it to many people and will continue to do so.

Maybe my favorite podcast

Thoughtful, well researched, and compassionate. It is hard to find a better and more interesting analysis of the role of religion in modern American life than this

Rational and relatable

I learned a lot listening to the Orange Wave, and I continue to learn from the hosts’ commentary on current events and from their many distinguished guests.

Your Podcast changed my life.

For the better. Literally. I stumbled upon your series, The Orange Wave, in time of my life when I was questioning everything I was told was true but wasn’t. I am so grateful for you and this podcast. The length you go to get it right, to be completely factual and accurate, and to speak your heart and passion. I can’t thank you enough for what you do. Never stop. It matters.

Life changing!!!

I’m so incredibly thankful for straight white American Jesus!! I’ve already been on the journey for the last 10 years or so trying to understand the history of Christianity as well as conservative evangelicals... which is how I was raised... all of the information and resources they give and all of the historical evidence has been so incredibly helpful on my journey!! I so appreciate the they’re both professors and they have a very evidence-based and backed way of approaching our history especially in the recent history of the far right movement. I have been meaning to review them for months, but I can’t even put everything in to a review that could express how thankful I am for this podcast!! I feel like all white evangelicals need to listen to especially the orange wave series!! It really changed my life. It was like I got to the end of the Truman show and there was the door I felt so much hope but also it was shocking and Scary...


I don’t know how I didn’t come by your podcast before I did, and what a surprise when I did. Keep up the good fight and keep saying it like it is. People need to hear it the way it is, and you guys are great at saying it like it is!

Perceptive,unique, and empathetic

I found this podcast quite awhile ago and it has a very unique vantage point into the intersection of—the evangelical movement, Christian nationalism, white supremacy, racism, and the rich, white men with an anti-democratic agenda who just want money and power but since that doesn’t result in votes, use racism and hot button issues to distract and anger the other groups listed to vote against both their self-interest and the basic tenets of Christianity. Perfect for people thinking of leaving the evangelical church, those who have left and those, like me, that never were in it but appreciate the former insider look into the belly of the beast (it ain’t pretty). Don’t be fooled by reviews posted by trolls scared of the truth about the evangelical house of cards. Great podcast.

If you’re interested in American evangelicalism, this podcast is a must-listen!

Brad and Daniel never fail to provide engaging, thoughtful analysis of the rotten state of American evangelicalism. Discovering that a new episode has been released is a highlight of my day. Two or three times a week my commute becomes a college lecture. Topics that I’ve learned more about include the intersection of evangelicalism with white nationalism, LGBTQ+ discrimination, and American history. I so appreciate the work Brad and Daniel are doing and I look forward to many more years of this podcast.

I love this podcast!!

it is extremely educational and helpful to understand how conservative white evangelicalism has shaped the current political environment in the US. I have learned so much from Dan and Brad - thank you guys for all you do!

Good show on Christian Nationalism

This is a thoughtful podcast tracing Christian Nationalism. I’m a professing Christian and find their historical view interesting and their critique generally astute. It’s got a very politically left bent. Incidentally, I share some of the experience of Prof. Bradley Onishi, being of mixed race myself and descended in part from Orange County white conservative Christians. Appreciate hearing from these guys even if I don’t agree with all they say (of course). Good show.

Captivating & Well Researched Podcast

Bradley and Dan offer thought provoking and timely commentary on current religious and social themes with unparalleled perspective.

This show is podcastic!

Love this show. Great to hear this perspective in our current social climate. Give it a listen!

Excellent Podcast

These are the religious study professor voices that I wish I had in college! Thank you for this incredible, challenging, academic podcast, Brad and Dan. Your voices have been a lifeline to me and others that I know this past year. As a Covid-ICU nurse and now a public health nurse, I have been completely ostracized by the evangelical church and many in my family. It has led me to a fill embrace of my deconstruction, and you both continue give me hope and are a reasonable voice in the chaos of wading through evangelical/Christian nationalist “American” religion. Please keep up the good work. Your voices are being listened to!

Excellent insight and critique

Guest interviews are always a highlight, but the hosts are always on point as well.


Go through the history books this podcast speaks truth

Great insight

Smartly shows the connections between white evangelicalism and current events in American culture and politics.

Gives me insight into conservative thinking and behavior

This podcast has truly helped me understand politics in the Trump era into the present. I have learned so much from the inside perspectives of Brad Onishi and Dan Miller, but the one topic that really clicked was the Lost Cause of the Confederacy and how the same method is being applied to the 2020 election. The podcast guests are experts on relevant topics, and they provide insight complementary to that of Brad and Dan. It sounds dry but it isn’t! I’m always excited to see a new episode in my podcast queue.

Brilliant, spot on, always educational

My new favorite podcasts. Hosts are so well educated, articulate, and informative. Highly recommend!

A mind-blowing podcast

Seriously the most paradigm-shifting podcast I’ve listened to. Fantastic and so important.

Help in understanding

This podcast has opened my eyes and helped me to understand differences. It has helped me to give grace to others whose views are confusing to me.

Fascinating Persepective

I’ve been listening to this show since the 2nd season. As a former religious studies student, it’s such a worthwhile discussion about the religious experience in American life, and on how it impacts our society. I’ve also found several new books from it! Thanks to Dan and Brad!

Love these guys

Very thankful I found this podcast. They’re not afraid of taking on hot button issues and always handle themselves with class. Keep up the good work.

Courageous, illuminating commentary

A must-listen-to podcast for any thoughtful person interested in understanding how Christian Evangelicals seek to systematically foist their religious & political agenda upon American society.

Smart and informative!

I actually listen to this podcast and appreciate the all the thought and commentary you all bring.


Really incredible insights into the American political landscape. Worth binging the back catalogue, which is rare for a podcast with so many episodes.

Lee F

Smart, current, historically sound; every episode is relevant to what is unfolding now. Hosts respectfully and accurately hold American religious hypocrisy’s feet to the fire. Highly recommend.


Absolutely love and appreciate this podcast!

My Favorite Podcast

I LOVE Straight White American Jesus, and I say that as a former evangelical. But I’m not referring to the man himself, but this podcast. It’s just the best! Bradley Onishi and Dan Miller have created a fantastic podcast that has been churning out genius episode after genius episode. And their way of presenting each episode is engaging and full of wonderful insights. There really isn’t a better podcast. If you’re just starting out, I might recommend “The Orange Wave” series, a 10-part series that details the rise of evangelicalism in Orange County, CA in the 20th Century. I was introduced to SWAJ around the middle of 2020 when Trumpism was at its most outrageous leading up to the 2020 election. One thing that has been amazing to me is how this podcast about Evangelicals is so closely tied to American politics writ large. I can’t recommend it more highly, it’s great! Give them all a listen.

I love this podcast!

Thank you for your concise and spot on summary of current political and white evangelical thought. Thank you for exposing it for what it is. You are my favorite podcast.

My favorite podcast!!

Ever since The Liturgists went weird and most of the hosts left, this has become my new favorite ex-vangelical type podcast. It’s got an academic vibe, which I like because I’m an academic, but it’s not elitist or jargony. They talk about the issues and give a critical analysis. Super insightful and resonates!! Check these guys out.

It makes so much sense now!

Just listened to my first episode and was completely floored. They connected the dots on so many things that I had been thinking separately from each other. I hadn’t really been able to make sense out of the white evangelical response to all the racial justice stuff till now. And I grew up a white evangelical! Still white but no longer evangelical. Anyway great podcast!

perfect for exvangelical academic

my mom loves the 'this is our journey' genre that many exvangelical pods take, but i really love brad & dan's academic approach. they are still humans, still present in this world, but discuss concepts, history & theology in a way that i can use in my own teaching and pursue in my research, and perhaps even more importantly, discuss with my evangelical family & friends. SWAJ was hard to find, but now that i have, i am here to stay!


One of my favorite podcasts for sure, so so grateful.


The academic approach that these dudes take in tying seemingly unconnected concepts is enlightening, grief-inducing, and terrifying. The content is heavy. But the information is fantastic, and they consistently “show the receipts” for all of their statements. Thanks guys.

Heart and knowledge in every episode

I appreciate the parsing of news and it roots in white supremacy and fundamental Christianity. Great hosts with great discussions.

Quickly becoming a favorite

I really didn’t expect this to become one of my favorite podcasts, but I think they interviewed an author I like and I just stayed. Brad and Dan are great interviewers, teachers, and orators and the show touches on relevant and timely events with an emphasis on cultural/historical context. Centrist and progressive Christians, exvangelicals, and those de/reconstructing will enjoy and learn a lot from listening.

Timothy Keller pt 2

This is perhaps the best episode of any podcast I’ve ever heard.

A Must Listen

SWAJ has been a breath of fresh air for me. I found them right after Trump was elected and needed to make sense of how and why this happened. But have stayed because all the conversations about “hot button” topics are so important and spot on.— not to mention, the deconstruction of my faith from growing up within evangelicalism has been painful, confusing and isolating at time- but the conversations in this podcast have given me a place to rest, so to speak, and helped me realize where religion, God and spirituality can still remain a part of my identity.

Fantastic Podcast

As a FORMER evangelical right-winger, I find this podcast to be honest with smart commentary. I cringe as I realize where I was and thank Trump and his antics for opening my eyes to my horrific beliefs and political standing. I appreciate everything about this podcast related to my own deconstruction and change in social & political beliefs. Keep up the good work!!

Love it!

Great content presented in both an engaging and critical format.

Just found this show and I’m staying

Insightful and engaging conversation on pressing issues. Love it.

Thank you

I recently found your podcast. It’s brilliant. I’m a secular queer living in rural CO surrounded by Trumpets and Evangelicals. I’ve been struggling to understand these people. Listening to your thoughtful and insightful conversation has helped to illuminate their intellectual dishonesty. I’m beginning to understand.

Denconstruction: especially great episode

Love the pod. The hosts’ personal backgrounds are relevant and relatable. Their academic backgrounds inspire confidence. Writing and production are good.

I really needed this

I left the church almost ten years ago. My issues with the church weren’t doctrinal but were social and political. I was incredibly sheltered and thought that only fundamentalist Christians existed. I was taught as a kid that You couldn’t be a democrat and a believer lol 👀👀 Lots and lots of unpacking these past few years. But I appreciate you guys and all the work you’ve done. This has been a salve to my spirit and helped break down a lot of religious trauma for me. Ive binged the whole thing last few weeks and can’t wait for new episodes. Thank you guys!!


Those who are so emotional about an “angel baby” and who walk right by living breathing people in need of basic and even life saving healthcare are not “pro-life” in any real sense. And many are convinced that actual wizards are eating actual babies in pizza parlors. Jesus F Christ


Absolutely essential listening to understand the present political climate, especially the overwhelmingly important white evangelical bloc and its relationship to American nationalism, hosted by two extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful scholars


I love this podcast. It is so insightful, helping us understand the alignment between the religious right and the Republican Party as well as the pervasiveness of racism, white supremacy, and white nationalism in the American culture.

Pretty good...could be better

Great content, just fantastic. But omg the audio is barely tolerable, the only thing that will get you through the audio is how good the content is. Great job guys, but for the love, clean up your audio PLEASE!

Love this podcast!!

All the feels! As someone who grew up in the Roman Catholic Church and going to catholic school k-8 and is disgusted by what is going on in the right wing politically this speaks so much to me. Thank you for speaking out about these issues

Will save your soul

I originate out of the evangelical culture described in this podcast: SoCal native, Republican family, private Christian school, church camp leader, the works. I still proudly call myself a Christian today and but am fundamentally against the movement that spoon fed me a toxic combination of nationalism, homophobia, chauvinism, and greed during my youth. For me it was a decade long journey through getting out of the orange bubble, meeting people outside my normal circles, a lot of painful emotional struggles, and deep study that made me finally realize that I was sold a false bag of goods and that for me to find peace I had to be Christian but leave evangelicalism in its current form behind. I really wish I had a podcast like this ten years ago that could help explain how exactly a movement that proclaims to be a movement about care for ones neighbor gave rise to a figure like Donald Trump.

Crash course in white evangelicalism

I grew up in fundamentalist evangelical churches and am now an atheist. Learning how the subculture where I was situated for the first 30 years of my life originated is so enlightening. Cannot recommend enough.


This podcast is always delicious food for the psyche.


Through listening to this podcast, I feel validated for the unease that I have had with the Evangelical obsession with power, control, government-mandated Christian principles, racism, etc. This podcast has given me so much confidence to continue to follow my gut when it comes to disgust with the current political & Evangelical Christian landscape. I love how it feels like a college-course/Audio book as well. It’s so interesting & jaw-dropping! Please give it a listen.

So much to learn!

This is my absolute favorite podcast. I have been thinking hard about my own faith over the last couple of years, especially because of the fact that so many white evangelicals voted for Trump, and this podcast has provided a space for me to learn about where many of my own beliefs even came from. It’s such an interesting insight to politics and religion now!

So much important insight

Even though I have a very similar story to the hosts I still learn so much from them during every episode. This podcast really helps me understand the current political situation in the United States, maybe better than any of the other great political podcasts I listen to.

Incredibly Insightful

This podcast has been very powerful for me. The hosts explain and give historical context to so many things I only partially understood in the past. Each episode is very thought-provoking. Please keep it up!

Brilliant! A must listen to for anyone interested in American history or politics.

Bradley is throughly informed, fascinating and refreshingly clear in his analysis of american evangelical politics. This podcast, more then any other, has helped me understand my family with their Orange County evangelical roots.

Stop reading this review and subscribe

One of the best podcasts out there. Extremely well done and informative. I’ve made it through all the episodes and started to relisten to some of them.

The Orange Wave is a Must Listen!

Once the series is finished, I’m going to go through and listen again! Love the weekly roundups and all the content these guys put out.


These are dark days and if you want a real message of truth, a real gospel - LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE.

Must listen

I found this podcast from Brad’s interview with Deirdre Sugiuchi, sent to an evangelical reform school in the Dominican Republic that I also attended. I quickly caught up on all the past episodes and it has given me insight to what I had been feeling for a long time but couldn’t wrap my head around. The church claiming to be loving, kind, just, and caring but in reality hellbent in keeping power and defending the identity of the conservative high moral ground that really is based on a house of cards.

Must Listen

I’m sure the 1 Star is from a flat Earther! 😳 Podcast is a great listen. Well thought out, organized, good audio quality, informative, all around AWESOME! Love the facts and how the commentator clarifies information.

Every End Is A Beginning: The Orange Wave Episode 1

Sheds so much context and light for my journey, thankfully, away from being an “Apocalyptic Christian" to being a “Social Justice Christian”. This is a MUST listen!

Just excellent

Brad and Dan have become must-listen for this exvangelical podcast junkie. I discovered them about 2 months ago and have already caught up to the most recent episodes. Their take on evangelical Christianity and its generally corrosive effects on democracy through the erosion of the wall between church and state is always measured, thorough, sympathetic, and fact-checked. They consistently have engaging guests and incisive commentary on a variety of subjects. Highly recommend!

So Insightful!

I fell in love with this podcast from the interview with Dr. Randall Balmer. It was so eye-opening to hear how the early evangelical movement in the 1970’s was not motivated by opposition to abortion but by defense of “segregation academies.” Keep the interviews coming!

Excellent Podcast

As a former Evangelical, I have recommended this podcast to my friends in order to help them understand the history behind the Evangelical movement and to also begin to grasp the overwhelming and mind blowing white Evangelical support for Trump. Excellent podcast!!!!

Ex-Evangelical Haven

This podcast has made me feel there's a community of likeminded folx, who are also processing both the personal and societal damaging effects of the white evangelical world. Brad and Dan break down the complexities of the subculture that I grew up in, and have loudly stepped away from. Grateful these guys are brilliantly doing what they're doing. THANK YOU!


Thank you for sharing your story of Grandmother Hisao. It was so very beautiful - it brought me to tears. In this time when external events feel so overwhelming, it helps to remember life’s gratitudes. Like our Grandmothers and their strength and wisdom ❤️

Tremendous contribution to understanding American culture and politics

This thoughtful, well-informed podcast about the history and cultural influences on American Christianity fills a hole we’ve needed filled for about 50 years. I haven’t found anything so thorough and relevant as this podcast. I strongly recommend it to anybody concerned about American society, whether you’re religious or not, though it’s of special interest to me as a pastor and teacher of religious studies at the college level.

Illuminating, scholarly, very listenable material

The content is organized, insightful, scholarly. The genial hosts are former evangelicals who know whereof they speak and can lucidly explain concepts and provide background on complicated ideas. There's Insight into what is wrong with evangelicalism but it is clear analysis, not moaning or taking potshots at anyone. And the guests are uniformly spot-on—experts in their field and clear in explaining their research. This podcast is top-notch material. Serious, but not turgid. Always engaging.

Smart, informative, to the point

I really appreciate these discussions, as a former evangelical, I understand the perspective and the pernicious nature of fundamentalism. This is a must listen.

Smart and Informative

This podcast is incredible. I am a former Evangelical, now atheist, and so many of this topics really hit home for me. I absolutely love listening to and learning from Brad and Dan, and continue to look forward to more episodes. Thank you guys!!

Good stuff!

Really appreciate the depth of the subject matter. Very thorough, good guests with real knowledge of the content. One thing I’d comment on to work on is sound quality—the reverb in the space Brad is in can make it hard to listen to at times. But still I always look forward to new episodes!!


I devour this content. I am still in the recovery stage of evangelicalism, and these voices and words give context to everything I have been feeling over the last 6 years. Thank you.

Love it so much!

I have gotten SO much value from this podcast! I literally take notes!

Binge-worthy podcast on how the right seduced evangelicals

Get your post graduate degree on evangelical history and how a movement whose roots lie in helping the outsider and fighting slavery has been subverted into a movement whose chosen political leader is the antithesis of all that Jesus stood for. And they and their guests are super courageous in exposing the racist roots of the contemporary white evangelical movement. Wow. Put on your headphones or earbuds and start listening!

Excellent podcast

I first began finding my way out of the GOP in 2011 because of what I vaguely perceived as its corruption of the church. With the church’s deepening embrace of the most corrupt, godless president in our lifetime, I found it an increasingly uncomfortable position to defend “good” Christians against “bad” politics. What if the Christians themselves were actually the thing that was corrupt? This podcast is validating so mich of what I have sensed for years but couldn’t quite define. The information is presented in a scholarly, matter-of-fact way, without grinding an axe, but simply laying bare historical, social, cultural and racial evidence to support the subject matter. Highly recommend.


Stumbled across this podcast and now LOVE it. So interesting. Hosts are great, conversations are fantastic. Highly recommend.

Well-Informed and Engaging Commentary

I love Straight White American Jesus! Unlike far too many commentators on U.S. evangelicalism, hosts Bradey Onishi and Daniel Miller don't whitewash the ugly realities that are pervasive in that faith community. It helps that they draw on both their own lived experience and their earned academic expertise. If you want unbiased analysis of America's conservatie, mostly white evangelicals, listen to this podcast! Full disclosure: I've been a guest.

Season two: wow!

Season two is off to a great start! building upon subjects covered in season 1... I have been able to use some of the matrial in my academic work (which is a gold star podcast in my book).

A healing balm for a painful past

I was pretty brutalized by evangelicalism, but many of my family members continue in it (to varying extents). This podcast has helped me immensely in parsing my own experiences, making sense of them in the context of the culture of 90s evangelicalism, and understand why it persists. Thank you thank you thank you! More episodes, please!

Intelligent, Insightful, Revealing

I've definitely the type to ask, often outloud, "How did this happen? How did we get here?" in relation to the election of Donald Trump. This podcast has really shed light on the current political climate. If you want to understand more about the history of the Evangelical church in America, or how race plays a crucial role in that identity, this is an absolute MUST listen. Brilliant.

Straight White American Jesus

Biting, insightful, provocative

Important Listen

This podcast is very important and relevant in the political climate. The topics covered are brought clearly and presented in an easy to digest manner. Understanding the evangelical voting block (which seems to baffle many) is essential in understanding the political structures of the United States, and the hosts and guests help bring understanding in that area.


Intelligent, but easy to follow discussion. Very improtant listen if you want to have a second level understanding of many of the issues that drive the Religious Right.

Evangelicals Explained

Two smart ex-evangelicals exploring the current evangelical movement. As as a half assed ex-catholic these two have begun to help me understand Born Again Christians.

If religion informs your politics, listen to this.

This podcast has helped me understand how one of the largest religious groups in America has translated their faith into political views. They do a great job of giving an academic perspective with light editorials sprinkled in. Seeing the history of the evangelical church has given me a much clearer understanding of how we arrived at our current climate. My only criticism is the sound quality, but I guess every new podcast starts like that. Keep up the good work!


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the episodes I’ve listened to thus far. It provides a fascinating outlook, perspective, and historical background into many of the disturbing facets of modern Evangelical culture.

Great perspective

As a secular agnostic, it’s great to hear from folks who have an evangelical background. It helps me begin to understand evangelical support for Trump, which seems illogical without context and precedent.