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Old Lady Says Give This Pod a Listen

Informative podcast with excellent guests. If you’re struggling to understand your neighbors who seemed so normal 4 or 5 years ago but seem different now, this pod is helpful.

Thoughts and Not Prayers

Love love love this podcast. The discussions, the guests.. so glad I found this podcasts. Domestic terrorism is the biggest threat in America and being a person of color I’m worried all my life and now I’ve made my way out of religion. I really have been awakened.

I listen weekly!

As someone who left the evangelical church this podcast is everything. It makes me feel so much less alone because I share a lot of journey with the hosts. It helps me be compassionate to the evangelicals I still know by reminding me how they continue to think about the world. It feels like this podcast was made for me and those in this exvangelical now politically interested niche. I learn a lot about history, culture and how that intersects with present day. Thank you Brad & Dan!!

Informative podcast

I listen to every episode and learn so much. Really helps me understand my Evangelical friends.

Where has this podcast been all my life

Not sure how I’ve survived for so long without it. Thank you thank you thank you 🙏

For the real Christian

Found by accident but considered by many as one of the most insightful podcast ever

Great commentary on Christian superiority

While it seemed Donald Trump and the current state of the Republican party opened the floodgates to Christian superiority and republican elitism, Brad Onishi and Dan Miller show that the American Right has always been this way and Trump was the pinnacle of the where we are as a country not the beginning. The hosts show how problems steam from deep within the beliefs, talking about how many theological faith practices may have good intentions in theory but have harmful effects in practice. Each host has been involved in evangelical culture for a long time and can speak to these issues as an expert. Furthermore they bring in others who have equal knowledge to bring to linger where/what needs fixing. I always recommend this podcast to those who are deconstructing. Good job to all involved here!

Reasoned, grounded analysis

Dan and Brad don’t shoot from the hip but instead offer a framework of historical, social, philosophical analysis that always gives a sense of needed perspective, especially as a counter to the anti or faux intellectualism of evangelicals, nationalists, and social and cultural conservatives and reactionaries.

Top shelf

Really quality analysis and I love their Friday roundups for deeper perspectives than most newsy shows


Those of us who grew up in Fundy Land but escaped are all nodding and muttering “uhuh” and thanking our own selves for the strength to get out.

Love this show!

I look forward to each episode of this show and enjoy the conversation. Brad and Dan give very thought-provoking and informative information and input. I also appreciate how they supply their listeners with comebacks to the “Uncle Ron” in our lives. One point of criticism that I do want to raise stems from the most recent episode with Elle Hardy as guest. Twice in their conversation Brad interrupted her and talked over her for almost a full sentence. The first instance, I thought there was a problem with the audio because she obviously had not finished her point and was continuing to talk, but Brad was talking over her. But, then it happened again. It’s very disappointing to see this kind of behavior from someone that should know better. She is the expert on the topic of conversation and giving her expert input and the host was simply jumping in to give his two cents and did not defer when the expert continued to make her point. I seriously doubt if your guest was a man you would have done the same thing. But, either way: interrupting and talking over someone is rude and it definitely does not make for good listening content.


Very high quality content well presented. Nothing else like it.

Wow lifesaving

Lifesaving might be an overstatement but I’m just so happy this podcast exists. As an ex-evangelical myself living in AZ, I’ve struggled to find community with conversations like the ones featured in this podcast. Keep up the awesome work!! You are covering important topics in our critical political state.

So interesting

5 stars amazing

Killer analysis and insights

Yep! Will keep listening as long as they keep going 👍🏼


Thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast. It always has insightful thoughts and ideas, and it is thoroughly researched. I've found myself coming back to listen often over the past 2 years.

Silicon Valley episode

I’m from the Bay Area and I can relate to this episode! It’s so true. Love your show, thanks for all the hard work you do!

Excellent analysis

I came here from #UNFTR, and am now an avid regular listener. Excellent critical analysis, insightful, very very interesting podcast.

Important and necessary…the best podcast on my list

I’m a huge fan and will do whatever I can to promote SWAJ.

Highly recommend

Well researched and informative. Host is intelligent, genuine, & concerned about the greater good while bringing truthful information to the forefront of major issues facing our country & society as a whole.


It’s a hard to say which I love more but swaj is at the top of my Fabre pods. So smart and compelling


Excellent content and interviewing skills. Facilitates a granular understanding from the guests. Special attention to the recent March 2022 Sarah Ricardi-Swartz interview. After I listened to this interview I checked out her first interview on this podcast May 2021. I also checked out some other interviews of hers. Of note, there is an marked urgency in her voice today that does not exist in her previous interviews!

Great podcast!

This is a great and informative podcast that doesn’t pull punches in evaluating both our troubled US history as well as current political divisions. Their pieces on evangelicalism help listeners understand the actual history and basis of this group and how they have been led to support the GOP and align/be absorbed by White Christian Nationalism. I always come away feeling they have widened my understanding of current events.

Thank you!

Great show. Great guests. A growing understanding of how America has found itself in such political crisis is a must-listen-to. PLEASE PUT LINKS IN YOUR SHOW NOTES, GUYS! In order to better understand and spread the word is essential, so please include links to authors, guests, books, and relevant articles!!!

Great show

I recently found the podcast and enjoy every episode. I think you two strike a good tone. Sharing your knowledge of our current developing spiritual and religious expression in our culture and country in a non emotional, nonjudgmental informed way…and I love it.

Great Depth of knowledge into topics

Topics actually circle back and spiral to bring you deeper into the connective tissue of related stories, policies, and ideologies. I like the supporting context behind current event topics. I’m 10 episodes back from current and was hooked after about 3.

Connecting dots

This podcast helps make sense of a lot of things, and establishes connections that often go unnoticed. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said “No (freaking) wonder!” or “How the heck did I not see this?!” as I’ve listened. Fascinating, thorough, and timely, I learn something new every episode.

I wish I could get everyone to listen to this

Absolutely amazing in every way. Always covers exactly what needs to be said and explains it so well. Great guests. Great insights. So happy I found this.

I’m going to listen to more

I’ve had the chance to listen to a couple episodes of this podcast now and I’m really intrigued to learn more!

So helpful

Listening through the Mild at Heart series has been so helpful for me. Most specifically Brad’s repeated promise that we are not alone! I am one of those men that tends to minimize my experience growing up in fundamentalism. I started going to therapy for other reasons and am constantly discovering ways that my childhood in evangelicalism continues to influence my relationships with my spouse, others, and the divine. Thank you Brad and Dan for addressing these topics. I also thoroughly enjoy the interviews and riffs you guys go off on. This is always the first podcast I put on as soon as a new episode drops. Thanks for all the hard work!