Nov. 25, 2020

016: Let's Talk About Defunding The Police

016: Let's Talk About Defunding The Police

Alice and I decided to tackle something that's become a huge part of the national narrative: why have cops at all? We have pretty clear data that policing does not work. Policing is a net negative for communities, but it's also bad for the officers themselves. 

"Slavery didn't work either. It costs money. It costs lives. We have all this information and all this data, and we don't use it."

"Warrior Mindset" police training.

Police unions in the US.

Police Clearance Rates.

SCOTUS ruling that cops have no obligation to protect or serve.

Prisons syphon blue voters into red counties

Policing isn't the most dangerous job

Police mistreatment of assault victims

Sexual assault complaints again police officers

Police officers are rarely charge with murder.

For context: healthcare workers get assaulted A LOT. They manage to not shoot anyone though.

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