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Great podcast

Great perspective

I enjoy the show most of the time, & when I’m not enjoying it, it’s bc I’m being challenged in my flawed beliefs & the discomfort is good, too

Honesty I Need

I’ve been listening to White Homework for over a year. I appreciate the honesty. You synthesize history, culture, current events into a fast-paced podcast. Thank you. Your podcasts are so much better than a Sunday morning sermon. The one thing in common is after listening I am ready to go do better.

Thank you, Tori!

Really appreciate that there are people willing to put themselves out there

Smart, informative, funny, important

Love this podcast! Tori is stellar and the guests are fantastic, but I gotta say Alice is my favorite too :) keep up the great work!

White Homework

Great perspective. Tori is smart, quick, funny, broadminded bighearted. great at tough love for white people. Which is WORK. Generous work. Love it.

Must Listen

Tori has such a deep and well-researched understanding of the issues and brings on amazing guests that deepen the discussion. There are some hard hitting truths if you are willing to really listen.

Great perspectives

Tori offers really insightful perspective on race and also discusses actionable steps we can take towards improving.

Great tool to learn and process

I learn so much from Tori and the guests that come on— thank you for quality work!

Thank you!

I enjoy your podcast so much. Thank you for your hard work and emotional energy!

Amazing podcast

Love this podcast and everything Tori is about 😊 fave episodes are with Alice, always!!


Thank you! The recent episode regarding abortion was heartening to listen to.

Relevant, poignant, funny.

Thank you Tori for your generosity in sharing, amazing guests, and calls to action.

Insightful and honest

I found this podcast series very helpful and revealing. Tori’s perspective is very helpful to reassess my assumptions by seeing things from her perspective. Always funny, witty, and insightful.

Invaluable perspective

After Charlottesville my wife and I attended a talk on race in our community. There were probably 8 white guys in a room of 120 people of color. When the open mic time came, I would guess 40% of the people speaking where the 8 white guys in the crowd... that was probably my first real lesson in starting to understand the toxic nature of white privilege. Full disclosure, I’m a 35 Y/O white dude from Idaho. I have a pretty respectable life. I have enough financial and social walls and safety nets that getting out of my own bubble is incredibly difficult. Escaping how I see the world is an immense challenge for me anyway as I am a fairly ego-centric person by nature. I also have zero black friends who live here.. basically because (for probably a lot of awful reasons) black people don’t live here much. In the end I don’t get to see the world through the eyes of a black person much. I have emmense privilege, but I sadly don’t have access to that important and valuable perspective. That’s why I am so thankful for this podcast. It’s helping me see how I can prune my own poor (and at times highly misguided or to my great shame outright racist) thinking. I don’t know what to do about racism in our country. But I am done.. I don’t know what has to be done, but I am committed to the fight for the long haul. I think this podcast is an amazing resource. Thank you for sharing your world!

Wow. Great show.

I’m trying to do my white homework. Thanks for your insights! I can’t express how much I appreciate what you are doing and how important your work is for me.


Smart, funny, and important. Every white person should do this homework!

helpful and enlightening!

both fun to listen to and helpful to have hard conversations with yourself

Worth hearing if you’re even a little bit white

Appreciate the conversations about how white actions are perceived by black people. I am half Japanese and half white, and this content was all good for me to hear. I consider myself fairly sensitive to how others would feel with any action I take, and I still felt like these conversations sobered me up to areas that I have not been a legit friend, or even ally, to black people. It caused me to recall past conversations I have had with other white people where I was complicit in, at least, racist comments, whether by something I said or did not speak out against. It’s helpful to hear black people share how it feels to have others so blatantly disregard their humanity or to feel like others, especially white people, have not been listening to what they’ve been saying for the past 400 years. Thank you for sharing this, Tori!

difficult conversations that flow easily.

i’ve had this podcast downloaded for a few months and am finally getting around to listening to it and it’s wonderful! i’d recommend it to anyone, especially white progressive millennials who are working on being anti-racist but still have a lot to learn. tori seems like one of your friends who’s advice you can trust. the conversations flow easily about difficult and complex topics. tori and her guests are so approachable to listen to while making well thought out comments and intelligent, elevated ideas. basically they get into the nitty gritty in a way you can understand and not have to have a google search pulled up constantly.

Forget Reading White Fragility just listen to this

Hey White folks forget what all these white podcasters (me included) are telling us to read #whitefragility give ur money to Tori on Patreon and just listen here. She’s straight up authentic and passionate about this and will give it to you so you get it! Awesome job just what I needed and was looking for Jackie from the GREEN Organic Garden Podcast

Thank you!

Recently started following and listening. You are week by week covering topics that I am trying to discuss with my family and friends. This has been very helpful, thank you for you hard work!

White People: You Need to Listen

This should be mandatory homework for all white people. Tori Williams Douglass is brilliant and we (as white people) are so lucky that she is willing to do this work so that we can learn. Give it a listen!

Fantastic resource.

White people, take a listen.


Take a moment to listen

Great resource for learning how to be anti-racist

Important info on anti-racism presented in an engaging way. Tori is a brilliant host.

Show up and listen

This podcast is crucial for folks to learn about our collective work in dismantling racism.