April 18, 2022

Black & Homeschooled with Jessica Dulaney

Black & Homeschooled with Jessica Dulaney

This episode I'm talking to Jessica Dulaney  who is the communications director for the Coalition for Responsible Home Education.

Being Black and homeschooled felt incredibly isolating to me. Growing up, I never once met another Black child who was being homeschooled that I wasn't biologically related to, so being able to connect with Jessica online has been amazing. Protecting kids is something I'm deeply passionate about. Given the huge rise in homeschooling during the pandemic, and the fact that children in this country do not have a right to an education, I wanted to discuss the (mostly racist) history of homeschooling, and the ways Black and queer families are taking up more space in 2022. You can check out the thread I wrote about that history HERE.

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