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Hey dudes

I love your podcast Kevin is funny 😄

Love this show!

These two are fantastic and I love inviting them into my life each week! Keep it coming you two beautiful humans!!

Feels like Friends

Listening to these two I feel like I’m sitting around the deck sipping wine and dishing with my friends. And then as a bonus I learn from them!!! Who knew you could do that!!! Truly fun and light easy listening to fill negative voids.

I need this podcast to go viral

Although I don’t love Kevin’s mouth noises (eating or smoking or drinking aka oral fixation lol), I love these two people together! So fun! So interesting! I feel like I am listening to the deconstructing aunts I never had lol love you!

This pod/this pair fill my cup back up

Every episode makes me feel comforted, challenged to inspect my beliefs about myself, faith, and what the divine is. I treasure the wisdom I’ve heard on this show and I truly feel like I have two mentors in faith and in being newly queer. Thank you for all that you do ❤️

Two amazing people

I have enjoyed following these two amazing humans for quite some time now and am so exciting to have the opportunity to listen to them together on one podcast!!!