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Love the topics and guests, but the musical interludes too frequent

Five stars will be the review still because I want the podcast to succeed in the algorithm controlled iTunes marketplace, but my feedback would be to lessen the interludes by at least 50%. As soon as some meaty aspect of the discussion emerges the music starts playing in the background. It's a bit jarring. A good compromise with the artists being featured is to have slightly longer interludes within the episode and an even longer one to finish the episode. Just my thoughts, keep up the good work Dan

«An Acrostical Review»

Really Eminently Lovable Internet Guy Is Outstanding. New Listeners Every Seven Seconds. Clearly He Understands Radical Christian Hegelianism.

Intriguing Questions.

Philosophy? Theology? All or none of the above? This is THE podcast that boundary-walking theology nerds MUST listen to. Mason has amazing guests and provocative conversations — it’s a must-have on your download list!

Religionless Church is Worth Your Time ⭐️

Evangelicals give me a rash, and this podcast will probably give Evangelicals a rash. If you’re looking for a community that’s not churchy, oppressive, exclusive, or coming with the baggage of several centuries of white supremacy, I can’t recommend Religionless Church enough.

Thoughtful and Well-crafted

Mason is taking a radical idea and making a radical experience for all to connect with. There is resounding truth and thoughtful conversation to be had in this podcast!

Here's Your 5 Stars

Great conversation to get your mind churning, excited to see what's next!