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Who is God in Process Theology

The question directs the participants to an anthropomorphic view of that which we call God. From a science perspective, G-D is the energy that created the universe, gave life to that universe and sustains all things in the universe. Process theology says that all things are in motion, nothing is static. The created universe has properties of self healing, of creating within itself new physical bodies, has mass that draws smaller or less dense objects together gravitationally (a distortion in the energy field occupying the space between matter). Belief in G-D is as unnecessary as belief in gravity. They are simply forces that exist regardless of belief. What humans create is a construct of a G-D with human qualities: love, goodness, mercy, vengeance, judgment, salvation, and so on. The climate changes we are experiencing globally are not judgments or punishments from G-D. They are the result of human failures in the care of the earth and its resources. When humans become extinct, the earth will heal itself. Life will continue to evolve.


A great convo with Cole Arthur Riley! The questions are thoughtful. The conversation is relaxed and relational. The topic spoke into the realities of the world today- especially for people of faith, faith leaders and theologians of any kind. Thank you for bringing real people with authentic stories and topics that are relevant to the platform.

For the curious spiritual wanderer

Come and sit for a moment, be ready to recharge, dig in and open your heart. Listening gives you a feeling that you’re part of a circle of thoughtful wanderers who believe that knowing the world is best part of being in the world.

Great podcast!

Always great conversations and interesting guests!

You should subscribe to this podcast if you deeply value theology.

An incredible, thought-provoking dive into theologies that matter.

Highly recommend

Great podcast that and encourages curiosity and exploration around theology in a refreshing way!

Worthwhile podcast

This podcast is a breath of fresh air. Good for people in search of answers that may not align with what we were taught growing up in the church. It’s nice to have this insight.


It’s nice to know there are folks out there with the same questions and concerns when it comes to faith and how we were brought up with it. Such a good variety of guests.

Heresy done right :)

Mason is a heretic. He is convinced that God loves everyone and all of them, including their sinful flesh suits. He has also been brainwashed into thinking God isn’t omnipotent and in complete sovereign control of everything. For real! Who can look at history and not see the hand of the Almighty sovereign God of love? I’ll tell you who… Mason. If that wasn’t enough, just wait until you hear about his, so-called, liberationist politics. Once you get rid of the Omni-God you slide down the slippery slope of socialist satanism. Apart from that heresy warning, Mason is great. He loves Stryper, (non-Jesus) Penal, & has been known to WAP the PP.

Keep it up

Here is a podcast with a young vibe and a theological paradigm that seeks understanding and context as it’s ethos.


Mason is a phenomenal host and human, who facilitates thoughtful, engaging, and stimulating conversations around the vast topics surrounding intersectionality. If you’re looking to expand your perspective around spirituality, sexuality, social justice, and most importantly Transpanpsychism, then give A People’s Theology a listen. Also, unrelated, but Mason is a great cook with far too much knowledge about Tooth and Nail bands.

100% recommend

I’m binging this podcast this week and love it! I’m a big fan of the interview style and questions being asked. The questions being asked are killer and really lead to people being able to understand and practice heavy theological ideas. Side note: I’d love to see an episode on Transpanpsychism because I feel like Mason would do a great job breaking that down

One of the best faith-based podcasts I’ve listened to 😊

Hi! I’ve been listening to A People’s Theology for about a couple of weeks now and I really appreciate the diverse perspectives that are brought to the table. Mason does a lovely job talking to the guests and he’s very welcoming and thought-provoking when he asks questions and makes comments. I currently attend an Episcopal church that’s not as affirming of the stances the national church has taken on LGBTQ equality and other socioeconomic issues. With that said, I’m happy to know there are people outside the tradition who can offer alternative perspectives. I do have a couple of suggestions: I always get a little annoyed when the musical guest is interviewed in the middle of the episode. I feel that it interrupts the continuity of the main guest. Personally, I would place the artist’s interview as the last segment of the show. Also, if I’m not already asking too much, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see more Gen Z guests talk about their spiritual journeys. I realize if right now may be too early to do that, but incorporating that in the near future would be an exciting thing. I’m a member of Gen Z myself and it can feel really lonely at times to not be exposed to people my own age who are also interested in this work. I look forward to seeing this podcast grow! Keep the faith! 🙏🏽


In my experience of this podcast, A People’s Theology is all about asking thoughtful, provocative questions and finding possible answers. In any particular topic Mason is asking about, all of the guests on the podcast share from both experience & research in an authentic and often hilarious way. Deeply informative, meaningful in subject, and always immediately applicable. I’ve recommended this podcast to many friends who are deconstructing and also to friends who are still gripping tradition, and I will continue to do so.

Diverse and inspiring

Thank you for your thought-provoking content!


I like the combination of a theological discussion with one guest and a music artist interview interlude with another guest. I also appreciate Mason’s thought-provoking questions.

Mason helps me...

Mason helps me trust the process, be open, and get relational! Thomas Jay Oord

Truly inspiring and liberating

Mason Mennega’s podcast teaches me, inspires me, makes me laugh, gives me hope, and he introduces me to great people and great pieces of writing— and great musicians! The podcast aesthetic is also great, and the length of the podcast works.

Incredible show


Definitely Worth Listening

Mason, the host, not only offers great insights and witty humor, but also brings on an array of guests that give fresh and unique perspectives on religion in general, and Christian theology in particular. Everyone from premier Biblical scholars, pastors pioneering new movements, and individuals with distinct points of view that venture outside of tired and dying conventional theology. If you are disillusioned by colonialist and imperial Christianity, but want to find better ways to “do theology,” I’d humbly submit starting here.

10/10 recommend

Thoughtful, warm, and provoking. I always feel like I come away from episodes mulling over a new or challenging idea, looking up the guest or musician to follow further, or sharing with a friend. Mason is a wonderful interviewer who makes complexities easy to understand even if you don’t come from a more academic religious background. 100% lives up to its tagline of inspiring and liberating theology!

A good listen for fresh theological perspective

The calm & steady tone of Mason’s voice does not match the tone of his tweet (not sure if I’m disappointed), but this is a very thoughtful, very personable & very well produced podcast - well worth your time.

New to the podcast & already hooked!

Filled to the brim with thought provoking conversations that tackle mind-blowing concepts of faith! Mason is an absolute delight, The passion of his guests is palpable & inspiring! Can’t wait to encounter the theological challenges they’re sure to continue to bring in future episodes!

Great conversation!

Really appreciate Mason’s thoughtful questions, challenging conversations, and the intertwined music — have a listen!


Fundamentalists... this is not for you. You will find discussion of faith, justice, anti racism, queer faith, music, and inclusion. Love it.

Mason's got it

This show has a really great format, with musical guests interwoven to the main interview. Mason asks interesting, engaging questions and gets his guests to talk actually engage in a discussion rather than repeating what they've said elsewhere. No major critiques, only that there is different audio quality with each guest but I imagine that's out of Mason's control until more people give him money.

Kids these days!

If you are a Christian who takes a STAND against interesting discourse, do NOT listen to this podcast. This podcast in no way displays my personal comfort zone and is completely liberating teaching. The worst part is that the host actually listens to his guests instead of yelling over them. It's almost as if he thinks that different people can have different interpretation of the Bible. Imagine that... despicable. I fear so much for this generation. They make me think too hard and Mason is a perfect example of how they are very respectful toward other people with their own viewpoints. That's not what Bible believing Christians are supposed to do! That's why I'm only giving it five stars. Stay away and please open your Bible. Keep your eyes open on this audio-only podcast. God Bless

Noble Cause

Solid guests and a noble cause. I eat religiously, is that problem too?

Hi Mason

Your podcast is wonderful, keep it up :)

Great questions!

The key to a great podcast which focuses on interviews is the questions being asked. Mason seems to ask the ones you wanted AND the ones you didn’t know you wanted.