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So many good feels!

Love everything thing about this pod! I was basically born in the pews. It’s been a couple years now that I’ve stepped back from all that and hearing these stories from this perspective is wild! I have had some real good laughs though. It’s really been a delight while trying to process all that is deconstructing.

Deacon-struction drinking junction

Tori and Justin have great chemistry and the theological chops to dunk all day on the church, evangelical theology, and mix it up with the cross section of power, justice, and other touchy topics while keeping the mood light and approachable while God is being a Bad Father and drinking about it. Keep it up guys!


I could listen to this podcast all day. I actually have before. And I send it to everyone. It confirms so many of my thoughts and feelings from the past. I feel so much more empowered and validated after having this podcast in my life!!

If Y’all Held Church, I’d attend

I like that you talk about what’s actually in the Bible and then dunk on it. …On second thought I’ll consider this my weekly sermon. Preach on!


Love it. Getting a lot of flashbacks from 20 years in the church.

Great exvangelical/deconstructionist podcast!!!!

Each week I look forward to Thursday because that’s when a new episode drops - it’s a highlight of my week!!! After I finish with a new episode, I oftentimes go back to listen to old ones because I love the content so much and relate so hard. Lol Tori “boycotting Disney is so worn out” 🤣🤣

So good

One of the best and realest Bible deconstruction shows out there. I’ve learned so much.

Fantastic for former religious kids

The hosts are a former pastor/seminary grad and a former fundamentalist evangelical who grew up reading the entire Bible every year as a child. I grew up in a super Christian family but am a big asker of “why” and that always got me in trouble in Sunday School. A lot of things about the Bible didn’t make sense to me but you’re taught to keep the faith and that God is too great to fully comprehend and understand. Now that I’ve left the faith and am recovering I look back and find the Bible to be hilarious. I love the way the hosts can poke fun at the ridiculousness of Bible stories. These are not just atheists bashing it for a laugh, but people who have a deep knowledge of and relationship with the book. Thanks for the cathartic listen. I’d also recommend the podcast Counter Apologetics if you want great logical arguments against all the insane stuff you learned as a Christian. It’s much drier but great if you’re in the mood.

Honesty about biblical stories & ridiculousness of religion

The hosts have an easygoing vibe and friendly banter. I only knew the most general stuff about bible stories, and I found it fascinating to hear more of them in detail, especially with the historical knowledge and background. My only request would be to keep the “like”s and “that’s valid”s and “fair, fair”s to a minimum.

Really enjoying this podcast

This podcast is giving me a helpful way to look at the bible. It amazes me how much I did not grasp about the bible when I was a Christian because I was trying to believe the “correct” things.


OMG! This is a BRILLIANT podcast, I am so glad I found it.

Being a non-believer

Totally great listening. Sometimes I get really drunk.

Very entertaining

Love the background of both the host. Coming from an evangelical background and rehearing all these stories that I grew up with in a different light is….not always Comfortable. However it’s funny, it’s informative and it’ll make you reflect on a lot of these stories we’ve heard growing up. Thanks y’all for doing this podcast!

Funny, irreverent, enlightening, and important

Tori and Justin have become guides for me as I’ve reshaped my relationship with the Bible after deconverting. I finish every episode grateful that there are others who are re-thinking things in the same way that I have. You will laugh, learn, and fall in love with the hosts and guests!

Answer to my “prayers”

I only recently discovered podcasts about deconstruction (having only recently realized that there was a word to describe my experience over the last 10ish years). I’ve listened to so many great ones but “Go Home Bible” is absolutely what I was looking for without even knowing it. The content is so good- it’s thought provoking and also entertaining. I feel understood, less alone on this weird journey and totally, completely validated. I’m obsessed.

Learn about Bible stories from a secular perspective

This is a great podcast for those who want to introduce their teens to Bible stories from a secular perspective— and also immunize them, so to speak, from biblical literalism/inerrancy evangelism

Best Kind of Conversation

I grew up in the American evangelical/fundamentalist homeschooling subculture, and while I walked away from Christianity in my early twenties, many of my friends from then didn’t. This podcast feels like the conversations with friends that I wish I could have been a part of. The hosts excellently articulate and explore many of the same questions I also faced (e.g. power versus goodness in the Job episode).

Like therapy but free

Funny, interesting and therapeutic!

Humorous, delightful take on the Bible

Entertaining content for those who want to take a more critical look at the Bible. I personally appreciate this content because it gives a more sensible and sane perspective on the formative Bible stories heard at a younger (and more gullible) age. This podcast is a healing ointment and a good time!

How dare they... these ancient texts with context and understanding of cultural references from the times they were written in? What gives them the right to articulate the holes in these old stories? Who do they think they are providing such thoughtful exegesis of the writings while providing fun banter to go along with? Ok, I’ll bite...


The best godamned version of the Bible! Drunk Sunday school - I’m in. So great, please make more episodes, can’t wait to see what’s next!

I’ve been waiting for this one

Growing up in church, I literally had these stories memorized and had so many of the questions mentioned here. This podcast is awesome and funny and I believe will be a great tool for “the Word of God is literal” mistaken culture. Congrats on your pod! I’ll be waiting for new episodes every week!

A Bible study that actually studies the Bible

Starting right near the beginning in Genesis 6, Tori Williams Douglass and Justin Gentry's podcast is straightforward and accurate to the text while being laugh out loud funny at times. A must-listen for anyone who wants to know more about the Bible.