Season 1

Episode 20: Season Finale: Making Peace With Who You Were

June 7, 2022

Friends we are wrapping up the first season of REVcovery and it has been such a wonderful time. Don't worry we will be back in a few weeks for the start of season two and it's going to be fantastic. For this episode Sarah an…

Episode 17: What You Gain When You Leave

May 17, 2022

We talk alot about how challenging it is to leave ministry or experience a shift in our faith. It is difficult to navigate, for sure, but what we often don't get to talk about is what you gain when you step out into the unkn…

Episode 16: Kevin Sweeney the Mushroom Mystic

May 10, 2022

This week we are exited to welcome Kevin Sweeney to the REVcovery Room! Kevin is currently the lead pastor of Imagine Church in Hawaii but is in the process of closing that ministry down to choose the next thing ahead of him…