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Every episode is so relatable and also makes me reflect on where I’ve come from and where I’m going. Love it so much!


My first episode was today, I listen to number 20. As I was walking the Camino de Santiago near Sarria Spain. I’m using this Camino time to transition from full-time ministry in a local church to buy vocational ministry outside the church. This was great! Can’t wait to listen to the first 19.

Thank you Sarah & Justin!

This first season of REVcovery was so helpful in my journey of “life after vocational ministry”. Thanks for saying the things out loud and creating a safe space to think, process, relate, laugh and put one foot in front of the other! Much love and can’t wait for season 2 and many more!! 🌸

A lifeboat if struggling in ministry

This podcast truly is a gift. It came into my life right when I needed it most. Three years out of seminary and into church ministry I’ve started to realize my work is not what I thought it would be- and even thinking about leaving ministry caused a huge identity crisis for me. Going through this has felt so isolating at times, but every time I tune into this podcast I’m reminded I’m not alone. After binging many of the episodes and joining the discord community, I’ve been able to make practical career shifts in my own life that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. Whether you’ve left ministry, are thinking about leaving, or are just wondering what’s next for you- this podcast is for you. Thank you so much Sarah and Justin for this podcast- it’s meeting a huge need to so many people!

Just what you need

What gifted hosts. They are so genuine and practical. I’m not aware of any podcast that supports ministers who’ve left or are questioning whether to leave. Tell everyone you know!

A healing balm for my soul (I just threw up in my mouth after typing that)

But seriously, this is an amazing podcast. You both are really engaging. Your honesty and vulnerability is just the best. I just walked away from ministry and attending church and have gone a year now rediscovering who I am. Thanks.

Thank you

I needed to hear today’s podcast. I have had the feeling of wasting my many year’s of volunteering in Women’s Ministry especially after the heartache of realizing I did NOT belong or agree to the White Christian Nationality that had poisoned my congregation . I have lost my connections and been very angry. I am coming out of the fog. Podcasts and loving same people like you two are so helpful.

thank you

as someone who is in the process of leaving a career in ministry, this podcast is exactly what i need right now. can’t wait to hear more.


Thanks for doing this. So may Amens being shouted from my side of this podcast.

New Beginnings

We are witnessing the death and rebirth of so many systems. This includes the institutionalized church. Fortunately and unfortunately that involves drastic changes for individual people. With so much change, uncertainty and fear try to take over. That’s why I’m excited for what this podcast will provide for so many on this journey. I wish it was around when I started mine.