Jan. 19, 2021

40. The One About the Healing Power of Art with Lanecia Rouse Tinsley

40. The One About the Healing Power of Art with Lanecia Rouse Tinsley

How do you know when it's time to step out of “good work” to make space for “great work?” After a traumatic loss Lanecia Rouse Tinsley, this week’s space maker, took the bold leap of stepping out of creative ministry with those experiencing homelessness to become a full time creative herself. Lanecia is now a multidisciplinary visual artist and the owner and creator of LAR Art Studio. Her artistic portfolio includes a range of work in abstract painting, photography, teaching, writing, speaking. Her workshop and community art experiences challenge others to make space for their own creativity. This conversation was inspiring, and challenges the notion that art has to be a discipline of difficulty instead of a pursuit of passion.

For more on Lanecia go to her website http://www.larartphotography.com/

Or Catch her on Instagram www.instagram.com/larartstudio

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