June 22, 2021

57. Stephanie Tait on Making Space for Every Season

57. Stephanie Tait on Making Space for Every Season

Content Warning: You may feel your own trauma activated by some of the content of this episode. It discusses trauma, chronic pain, disability and deaths related to Covid 19, so please listen with awareness. Listener discretion is advised.

Making spaces, like a flower garden, that serve no “purpose” other than beauty teaches us that worth is not predicated by “usefulness.” This week’s Space Maker, Stephanie Tait, joined us for a conversation from her garden to discuss the lessons of resistance she has learned over the last year tending her garden. Stephanie is an author, speaker, disability advocate, and trauma survivor. Her work aims to create space for the reality of suffering and help provide practical tools for its management and acknowledgement of that suffering in communities of faith and beyond. This conversation is a beautiful reminder that we cannot bypass our suffering to arrive quickly at purpose. Every season is needed and of value, even if it appears barren and unproductive. Space making, like gardening, isn’t always about what is happening above ground, but some of the biggest changes have to happen below the soil. We hope you enjoy this challenging conversation because we sure did!

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This week’s episode was edited by Josephine Jael Jimenez and produced by Sarah Heath

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