June 1, 2021

54. Chris Rodriguez on Making Space for Ourselves

54. Chris Rodriguez on Making Space for Ourselves

Content Warning: You may feel your own trauma activated by some of the content of this episode. It discusses childhood trauma, faith transitions, and racial discrimination so please listen with awareness. Listener discretion is advised.

Write up 

This week,  we had another incredible conversation with Space Maker, Chris Rodgriguez. As you may remember from Episode 31, Chris is a mindset and movement coach who helps people connect their work, their souls, and their bodies. Chris returns to the show to discuss the need for making physical space and time to do our own internal work so you can be present for others. Chris challenged us to step away from our cell phones and to make sure we have boundaries, not just for ourselves, but for others as well. Chris reminds us that our base is belonging and that we have to set up practices to remind us of that base identity. This is another deep one, but we also bring up lighter things, like h0w The Shining is the perfect cautionary tale for workaholics. Very light, we know.

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This week’s episode was edited by Josephine Jael Jimenez and Produced by Sarah Heath

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