July 6, 2021

58. Dr. Brad Onishi on Making Space for Critical Thinking

58. Dr. Brad Onishi on Making Space for Critical Thinking

This week, we are joined by fellow Irreverent podcaster, Dr. Brad Onishi. Brad is the co-host of the widely beloved (and sometimes hated) podcast Straight White American Jesus. They tackle all things Evangelicalism and it's ties to right-wing Christian nationalism. In this episode, we talk about Orange County, where the three of us have lived at some point, and how it has become a breeding ground for the biggest movements within right-wing Evangelicalism. But even these people need some space in the world, regardless of whether we agree with them. Brad is on a mission to uncover the roots of the movement and coming up with new ways to challenge and invite them into great empathy.

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This week’s episode was edited by Josephine Jael Jimenez

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