June 8, 2021

55. The Dirty Rotten Church Kids on Making Space to Laugh

55. The Dirty Rotten Church Kids on Making Space to Laugh

Content Warning: You may feel your own trauma activated by some of the content of this episode. It discusses childhood trauma, faith transitions, and difficult family relationships so please listen with awareness. Listener discretion is advised.

Throughout history, people have used humor to make space to discuss the things that culture has deemed taboo. This week’s Space Makers, Josh Link and Adrian Gibbs, use humor to have difficult conversations around American Evangelical Christian culture. Josh and Adrian, or perhaps better known by their moniker “Dirty Rotten Church Kids,” use a blend of genius memes, tiktok greatness, podcast goodness, and fun merch to create space for people to question some of the things that they once held dearest. This conversation is equal parts fun and deep as we discuss the gift of comedy in opening us up to critique and process some of the worst messages we internalized as part of the Evangelical community. Whether you are or have ever been a person of faith, this is a great conversation about why we need humor in our lives, the need to stay connected to our own agency, and the ability to connect to our own bodies, thoughts, and feelings. 

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This week’s episode was edited by Josephine Jael Jimenez and produced by Sarah Heath 

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