March 23, 2021

44. Halleemah Nash on Making Space to Create What Your Younger Self Needed

44. Halleemah Nash on Making Space to Create What Your Younger Self Needed

This week’s space maker is Halleemah Nash. Halleemah is a proud product of Compton, California – a city that has greatly shaped her ambition, values, and interest in reaching back as she climbs. She is a first-generation college graduate who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Howard University, and a Master of Divinity from Duke University and Certificate in Nonprofit Management from North Carolina Central University. Her resume is impressive working with everyone from the United Nations to the celebrity brand of Kobe Bryant- but her heart has always been in creating spaces for other people to have a chance to be mentored and creating ecosystems that nurture and cultivate diverse talent . All the work she does is as she says “in service to the younger me” being the person she needed as she was growing up. The conversation talks about the importance of representation, the reason why rest is nothing less than Holy, and why sometimes we have to create the thing we most needed.

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