March 30, 2021

45. Savannah Carreno on Making Space for Big Questions

45. Savannah Carreno on Making Space for Big Questions

This week’s space maker is Savannah Rae Carreno. Savannah is the creator and primary writer for “The Juice Edit” website, and hosts the incredible conversation based “Please Elaborate” ministry. She makes space both online and in person by inviting people to ask hard questions and explore educated perspectives on every topic leaving nothing out as taboo. Online her Juice Edit website is a place she describes as, “where culture and theology collide awkwardly.” In both spaces Savannah creates space for people to question the lenses with which they regard the world whether that be from a cultural or a religious perspective. The conversation goes everywhere from what the heck is clubhouse, why we all need to learn to say “I don’t know” more, and how “knowing” can be an idol. Savannah is a joyfully curious gift to this world and we hope you will enjoy this conversation. 

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