April 6, 2021

46. Spencer Rose Taylor on Making Space to Speak In Church

46. Spencer Rose Taylor on Making Space to Speak In Church

This week, we are joined by Space Maker, Spencer Rose Taylor! Spencer is a podcaster over at the Speaking in Church podcast, co-hosted by our very own Josie. Her passion for making space for others comes from her call to ministry and the barriers she’s faced in that call because of her gender. The Speaking in Church podcast is all about Christianity then, now and the future. On the pod, they talk about everything from current events and how your theology informs your responses to them to other hot topics in the Church. It’s a show aimed for deconstructions of all stages, speaking from the lens of the women that 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 warned you about.


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This week’s episode was edited by Josephine Jael Jimenez

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