April 20, 2021

48. Jackie Gronlund on Making Space for the Journey Home

48. Jackie Gronlund on Making Space for the Journey Home

Content Warning: You may feel your own trauma activated by some of the content of this episode. It discusses eating disorders, body image disorders, and mental illness, so please listen with awareness. Listener discretion is advised.

This week’s Space Maker Jackie Gronlund has been on a lifelong  journey to find a space to label “ home.” During our conversation she shared with us one of the big discoveries she made on that journey- finding home meant finding a healthier relationship with her own body. Jackie, a former YouTube star, and author, knew that this discovery wasn’t a unique experience as many of us have disassociated and distanced ourselves from our bodies. She has set out on her new podcast “The Unity Project” to help people find their own sense of home. On her show she chats with a diverse group of people about how they have each cultivated a relationship with their own bodies and found a sense of home and belonging. In this conversation Jackie shares a bit of her journey and why we all bring home with us wherever we go. 


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This week’s episode was edited by Josephine Jael Jimenez

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