May 18, 2021

52. Crystal Steckel & John Keeling on Making Space for Change

52. Crystal Steckel & John Keeling on Making Space for Change

Content Warning: You may feel your own trauma activated by some of the content of this episode. It discusses suicide, and head trauma, so please listen with awareness. Listener discretion is advised.

One of the unique features of the human species is the desire to live a ”meaningful, purpose driven life.” From master classes to bumper stickers, everyone seems to have a suggestion on how we can find our unique purpose in the world. It takes boldness and fearlessness to actually make the space in our lives to evaluate if we are indeed happy with the direction of our lives and vocation. On this episode, we talk to Space Makers Crystal Steckel and John Keeling. Both of these bold humans asked the question, “Is my job my true vocation?” When the answer was no, they made the brave choice to change directions. This change of vocation led to Crystal becoming an RN, and John a CNA as he works towards also becoming an RN. Both of them have served in the medical field during the difficult time of COVID and both would say that. although the work has been hard, it is truly what they are meant to be doing. This episode, we dive into what keeps us grounded during change, and when you know it's time to make a change.

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This week’s episode was edited by Josephine Jael Jimenez

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